South Indian Bridal Make-Up

South Indian Bridal Make-Up

Just as the south Indian idlis and dosas are a treat for your taste buds, the resplendent kanjeevaram sarees and the traditional south Indian weddings are surely a treat for your eyes. Don’t want to hide your wedding pictures because of make up mistakes? Wedding make up does add the much needed gleam to a bride’s face. But it is extremely important to find the right make up artist, especially for traditional south Indian weddings.

Wedding Saree For The South Indian Bride

The bridal wear for south Indian weddings is no exception from the glitter and regal luster which are already a part of most South Indian weddings. The heavily embroidered south Indian silk sarees are still a big hit among most south Indian brides. In fact, traditional Iyengar and Iyer brides need to drape the traditional 9-yard saree in the “madisar” style. The bridal sari is chosen with a lot of care and along with her make up and hair, the saree is topmost priority for every south Indian bride.

Make Up Tips For South Indian Brides

Since the brides were stunning sarees and adorn themselves with exquisite jewels, it is important to choose the perfect type of bridal make up for the big day. The face, eyes, lips and the neck should be done to match to the bridal costumes and jewelry perfectly. It is also important to shape your eyebrow ahead the wedding day. A tip which will surely add to your looks on your big day is to place the focus on the face either on your eyes or lips. You should underplay the other using neutral shades of brown or pink. Depending on the size of your lips, you can choose among light and deep shades. Generally, thin and small lips look more appealing with light lip colors. If you have fuller lips, you can use deep shades for a sensuous look.

South Indian brides wear their hair differently and it largely depends on the clan which they belong to. Most of them plait their hair to full length and adorn it with flowers and traditional accessories on their plait and head. Few other south Indian brides wear the “kondu” which is nothing but a bun on side of their head. It is clearly visible from the front and the “kondu” is decorated beautifully with flowers and gold accessories too.

Look Your Best to Make Your Wedding Extra Special

There are a number of make up artists who specialize in south Indian bridal make up. They keep in mind all the needs of the south Indian bride and the various traditions too. They will help you enhance your natural beauty so you look gorgeous on your special day.

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