Smart Tricks For Married Men To Survive Their Shopaholic Wives


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Smart Tricks For Married Men To Survive Their Shopaholic Wives

Men are from Mars, and women are from Venus, and one thing that is an integral part of the culture at Venus while not so much at Mars is, shopping! This is perhaps the reason why men do not understand the almost-spiritual joy that women gain out of scourging stores. Things get tougher when men get married then they have to become an unwilling part of this adventure activity of their wives, which is popular sport amongst ‘Venus-ites’.

The moment you type the words 'shopaholic wives' on the Internet search engines, you find the results filled with statements like, "My wife cannot stop spending the money we don't have; please help!", "How can I save myself from being dragged on to those endless shopping trips?", "How can I deal with my wife's shopaholic activities?", etc.

Reading all these questions and requests from men, got us wondering; how can men overcome this mental barrier of shopping trips (and impending credit card bills), and survive their shopaholic spouses? Well guys, if you have been asking this to yourself, then we have the answers that you have been searching for. Here is a life-saving guide for all married men who are looking for ways to survive shopaholic wives.

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Come to an agreement

If you are going out of your way to survive shopping trips with your shopaholic wife, you should get some thing out of it too. Talk to your wife about it. Tell her that ‘one shopping trip with her’ should be equal to ‘one bachelor weekend out with boys for you’.

The deal can help in two ways. Firstly, your wife might resist the temptation to give in to her favourite activity because women are slightly suspicious about what goes on when the boys get together. Secondly, it gives you the energy and the motivation to survive the shopping trip. Remember, there is light at the end of the dark tunnel!

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Play the money card

Tell your wife, “Dear, let us go on romantic vacation this year. I am saving up for it.” Find a way of hinting to her that a shopping trip can cancel out a romantic dinner date or something on those lines. Remember to be very tactical about it.

Well, your wife might not fall into the trap if she pays for her own shopping, but it is always worth a try. In any case, you can at least succeed in reducing a couple of shopping escapades this way.

Say no to plastic money

Give her reasons as to why she should swipe less and pay hard cash more. Each time hard cash leaves her hand, will make her feel the cost right away.

Plastic cards would just dictate numbers allowing her to have the share of fun and pay later. As it is married women are known to be quite conscious when it comes to spending money and making savings. So, seeing the money flowing out of her hands at every cash counter will deter her from spending more.

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Indulge yourself too

Keep yourself entertained when you go shopping with her. Use the opportunity to spend some quality time with your children, since you are likely to be playing the babysitter.

You can also chat with the other husbands at the shopping centre, who are in the same boat as you are. Or else, carry a novel or a magazine with you. But, remember to give your wife some attention too.

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Be genuinely interested

Where there is a will, there is a way! We suggest that you should ride the wave. See shopping as an adventure and involve yourself in it. Think of it like this- even if you are not interested or happy with it, you would still be dragged along or might be paying for it. So, might as well look happy and interested for her sake and yours.

Have fun passing nice comments when she tries dress after dress. Help her choose the perfect product. Not only is your wife going to love you for it, but is also likely to put off a few trips if you say you are not in the mood sometime later.

Divert her attention

Women go weak in their knees when their men cuddle them and get romantic. So, use your romanticism in your efforts to avoid those shopping trips.

If you think that your wife might go shopping today, it is time to switch on your romantic side. She is very likely to postpone the trip that day!

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Think of the positives

Every dark cloud has a silver lining. Think of the positives that you get from accompanying your wife. For one, you are going to become physically fit from carrying all the shopping bags. Secondly, you get a practical chance to develop patience, which helps you at work as well.

Thirdly, your wife is going to be in a good mood after the shopping session. So, you might have a nice evening with her, and maybe rewarded with "sweet nothings"!

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No matter what you do, the fact remains that your wife will always love her shopping trips. She is also the same woman who also looks after your house and kids, and makes sure that your life is well-organised. So, learn to put up with her shopaholic nature. You are getting so much more in return from the lovely woman in your life!