Sima Taparia Talks About Her Initial Fees, Takes A Sly Dig At Educated Girls For High Divorce Rates

Indian matchmaker, Sima Taparia opens up about matchmaking, her initial fees, memes made on her and high divorce rates.


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Sima Taparia Talks About Her Initial Fees, Takes A Sly Dig At Educated Girls For High Divorce Rates

Popular Indian matchmaker, Sima Taparia is a familiar name in the matrimony business. Popularly known as Sima Aunty from Netflix’s show, Indian Matchmaking, Sima is responsible for many successful marriages. Sima, who became a household name after her popular show, garnered a lot of attention for her recent interview.

Sima Taparia reveals her initial fees

In a recent conversation with Mashable India for The Bombay Journey, Sima talked about the various aspects of her life. When the host of the show, Siddhaarth Aalambayan asked Sima about her initial fees, she revealed that she took a meagre amount when she began matchmaking initially. When probed further, Sima stated that her initial registration was just Rs. 2000.

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Hearing the same, Siddhaarth revealed that now it is claimed that she charges 20,000 USD, the matchmaker burst into laughter hearing the same. She also stated that all sort of stories and memes made on her is making her popular. When asked about the memes made on her after the show, Sima stated:

“When Bill Gates got a divorce, someone put up a meme that Sima Taparia and Bill Gates matching. The number of memes made on my show hasn't been made for any other show. Meme makes the person popular and I enjoy watching them as well. It makes you wonder how creative people are.”


Sima Taparia blames highly educated girls for high rates of divorce

Going further in the conversation, Sima Taparia also shared her views on divorce. Taking a dig at the highly educated girls for high divorce rates, she stated:

“Divorces happen because there is no patience at all. People are divorcing because there is no patience, no adjustment, egoism. Ladkiya itna padh likh leti hain toh they say why should I listen to anybody. Those whom I have matched haven’t taken a divorce yet. But if it happens, it will be because they don’t have the patience, flexibility, no willingness to adjust, and have ego. That’s how problems are created. They don’t have the values of giving, sharing, and caring. You need to adjust a bit, compromise a bit and have patience. We do it in every other sphere, so why not here (in marriage)?"

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Sima, who got married at the age of 19, revealed having a documentary made on her titled ‘A Suitable Girl’. In the same interview, Sima revealed how an affluent family in the South approached her for a match and was very particular about the girl’s looks. Sharing details of the same, Sima shared:

“There is a very influential family in the South, their son is very dark. In the south, people are generally dark. His mom’s criteria list was very long. But thankfully they found the girl they were looking for. Not many people have such criteria but who doesn’t want a beautiful daughter-in-law?”


Click here to watch the video.

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