Shruti Haasan Wishes Father, Kamal Haasan For Completing 60 Glorious Years In The Industry

Kamal Haasan is the living legend of the Indian cinema. Recently, he completed 60 glorious years in the industry and his daughter took the opportunity to wish him.


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Shruti Haasan Wishes Father, Kamal Haasan For Completing 60 Glorious Years In The Industry

Behind every great daughter, is an exceptionally great father, who stands by her and gives her the courage to follow her dreams. And actress, Shruti Haasan is one such lucky girl, who is the daughter of the living legend of Indian cinema, Kamal Haasan. (Recommend Read: Shweta Tiwari's Ex, Raja Chaudhary Talks About Palak's Bold Step Of Writing An Open Letter

From a child actor to the entire nations' heartthrob and now a veteran, Kamal ji has established himself as a legend with five-decade-long career. He has experimented with every script and every character and has created a loyal fanbase that still follows him religiously. His daughter, and a well-accomplished, actress, Shruti Haasan is no different. She is successfully taking her father's legacy forward.

Sarika and Kamal Haasan

Recently, Kamal ji completed 60 glorious years in the industry, and his daughter, Shruti took to Instagram to pen a heartfelt note for him. She shared a couple of stills from her father's film, and wrote, "Dear Bapuji, 60 years in the world of acting, you make us proud and inspire so many of us to look to the stories you have shared with us for inspiration and hope. I decided to share the poster of one of my favourite movies of yours. Brave, beautiful and emotionally have dedicated your time and energy to the arts in a way that is nothing short of magnificent !! Always so proud and Here’s to sixty more !! @ikamalhaasan."

Kamal ji is not only a great actor, but also an equally great father, and his daughter, Shruti is living proof of it. In their first-ever joint interview with The Times of India, the father-daughter duo had revealed some interesting facts. Kamal ji had talked about his feeling when Shruti was born, and had shared, "Just around the time she was born, I had lost all my money due to the various alimony settlements with Vani that I had to pay and had to restart with a zero bank balance. My father thought, because of that, I should not have a complex, so he started calling Shruti a ‘Millionheiress’. It was a sort of his goodwill cheer. I was living suddenly in a rented house, which I was not used to, but fortunately, my career was in great shape. Life was suddenly a wake-up call for me, but at that time to make a decision in my career to not be enamoured by money was a strange thing that happened to me." (Also Read: Shloka Mehta And Radhika Merchant Bonding Together Gives A Glimpse Of Their Jethani-Devrani Relation)

Shruti had also shared a childhood incident of time in her life when they had to live in a small flat. She had said, "I remember once bapuji was making a film in which he was way above his budget. We had a very big house at that time and we were growing up and he said, ‘Shruti, I am making this movie for which we need a lot of money and we may have to live in a flat. Is it okay with you?’ And I remember I said, ‘If you are there, it’s okay.’"

Kamal ji had also talked about the relationship they share and how it has changed over the years. He had said, "Every year it changes. I remember Shruti in the crook of my arms, her legs dangling, head to foot exactly in my elbow to palm. I would carry her like that and it would also serve as my exercise and she liked it very much. From there, it has changed to today having philosophical discussions on life. Now we can even talk in codes because we quickly understand what we are saying and don’t need to even get into long conversations, though we talk quite often."

In a throwback interview with IDiva, Shruti had opened up on her equation with her father. She had shared, "He is my greatest inspiration as an artiste and is a person who knows something about everything. He is extremely hardworking even at the age of 60. He starts at 5.30 am, does not party at all and all he does is cinema. He looks all serious and intense, but is a really funny person." (Don't Miss: Kartik Aryan Celebrates His Princess Sara Ali Khan's Birthday In Bangkok, Amrita Singh Joins Too)

Well, Shruti and Kamal ji are definitely the best father-daughter duo! What do you think?

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