Shekhar Kapur Reveals Why He Will Not Direct 'Mr India 2', Remembers Sridevi, Satish Kaushik, Others

"I won't make 'Mr India' again", says filmmaker, Shekhar Kapur in an interview after getting quite emotional while talking about the main characters of the 1987 movie, 'Mr India'.


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Shekhar Kapur Reveals Why He Will Not Direct 'Mr India 2', Remembers Sridevi, Satish Kaushik, Others

One of the gems of Hindi film is nothing but Mr India, directed by Shekhar Kapur and produced by Boney Kapoor and Surinder Kapoor. Salim and Javed wrote the screenplay, which was their last collaboration. The main casts of this film were Anil Kapoor in the role of 'Arun Verma', Sridevi as 'Seema Sohni', and Amrish Puri as 'Mogambo'. This 1987 film, Mr India, turned out to be a milestone for the Indian film Industry and gained tremendous box office success and made 100 million dollars against a 38-million-dollar budget.

In an interview with The Indian Express, director, Shekhar Kapur was recently questioned about his comfort level regarding the possibility of Mr India 2. Shekhar replied that he would not make Mr India 2 as it would miss the innocence and native, unlike the original 1987 film. He also claimed that it would not be possible as the three key personalities, Sridevi as 'Seema Sohni', Amrish Puri 'Mogambo', and Sathis Kaushik as 'cook Calendar', are absent.  

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Anil Kapoor, Sridevi, Shekhar Kapur

While talking about the innocence of the movie, the director of Mr India then shared how he would turn to his 'mini-me' self for feedback during that 1987 film, which resulted in a 'sense of playfulness' in the movie. Shekhar penned about this 'mini-me' in one of his Instagram posts. The caption could be read as:  

"After every shot, I would turn to ‘mini me’ and ask for approval .. and unless I saw the joy or emotion or excitement on ‘mini-Me's face .. I would reconceive the shot ."  

Anil Kapoor

Shekhar claimed that because of how Mr India was filmed, there might remain a possibility to make a Mr India universe in which each character could have a stand-alone narrative, similar to the Marvel universe. He said:  

"Today we could have made a (Mr India) universe where Calendar would have his own story, different stories with Miss Hawa Hawai, or Mogambo and his kids - Mogambo and his son, who knows what could be (possible). But Mr India was probably India’s only universal character film, I haven’t seen that in another film."

Shekhar Kapur

The brilliant director of this magnificent movie then broke down and gave an emotional statement about the stars of Mr India. He grieved the demise of Sridevi, Amrish puri, and Satish Kaushik. He claimed that the absence of three key personalities keeps him to tears. In his words:  

"Mogambo is gone, Miss Hawa Hawaii has gone and now Calendar is gone, it’s so sad. The film is alive with three main characters gone… I’ll cry."

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Mogambo, Hawa Hawai and Calendar

There has been some news that Shekhar Kapur is in talks with Boney Kapoor to re-release the movie, Mr India in 3D theatres for the new-generation audience. Shekhar extended his emotion and vulnerability in this 1987 film, making it possible for the story and the characters to never diminish their charisma. 

Shekhar Kapur

Do you foresee a Mr India 2? Let us know. 

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