Shakti Mohan Wants To Be Like Her Strong Mom, Shares A Heartwarming Note For Her 'Pyaari Mumma'

There is no right time or special occasion to celebrate the struggles of a mother. And Shakti Mohan is a doting daughter, who shared her wish to be like her 'pyaari mom' one day!


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Shakti Mohan Wants To Be Like Her Strong Mom, Shares A Heartwarming Note For Her 'Pyaari Mumma'

She wakes up all night, just so that we can sleep in peace. She knows all our mood swings by just hearing our voice over a 5-second phone call. When the entire world doesn't believe in us, she is the one, who supports and motivates us. She is our 'darling mom', who have known us since the time we were in her womb and had no idea about the world. There are times when we say 'aap nahi samjhoge' but in reality, she is the first one to understand us. There is no right time to celebrate the love of our beautiful mommies, who have turned us into amazing human beings. And Indian dancer and Bollywood choreographer, Shakti Mohan shares an exactly similar bond with her mother. (Recommend Read: Kareena Kapoor Recalled Being Called 'Poo' While Walking With Son, Taimur On The Streets Of London)

We all know Shakti is extremely close to her sisters and her parents. She never fails to share snippets of their happy times on her Instagram handle. he sister trio is extremely talented and a complete package of beauty with brains. While Neeti is a popular playback singer, Shakti is an Indian dancer and a famous television personality. But not many know that they had gotten this 'will of achieving something' from their mother, Kusum Mohan. 

Shakti Mohan

On June 14, 2020, Shakti took to her Instagram handle and posted two pictures with her mother and her sisters. One picture is from the Mohan tribe's childhood, while the other is from Neeti Mohan's wedding. Alongside the picture, Shakti wrote an emotional note that can be read as "How time flies. From study time to didi ki shaadi. Mummiyan kitni pyaari hoti hain, so selfless and full of love. I want to be as strong as my mumma someday. Sending love to all the SuperMoms in the world today #sunday." Check it out below:

In an interview with TellyChakkar, Shakti had talked about the bond she shares with her mother. She had said, "I am very much connected to my mom. With my mother being a cool, chilled out parent I share everything with her. At times, I feel that rather than being my mom, she is another sister of mine. We are quite alike, having similar tastes." (Also Read: Pooja Banerjee Talks About Marrying Her 4th Standard Friend, Sandeep, Believes In 'Pyaar Dosti Hai')

Shakti Mohan

Once in an interview with The Times of India, Shakti had talked about her childhood accident and how her mother and her sister had supported her during those difficult times. She had shared, "I was on my way to fetch my little sister from school when I met with an accident. A bike which was at a very high speed ran over my leg while I was crossing the road. My leg was so badly fractured that it took me almost seven months to be able to stand on my legs again. Doctors had confirmed that though my leg will get better with time, I would never be able to walk without support, leave aside dancing. I was just four years old then but understood everything that he said. But my family stood by me. My sisters and my mother supported me immensely throughout this period. They had full faith in God, they were sure that nothing so tragic could happen to me. They kept motivating me and pushing me to start walking again. I made that extra effort and with their support, confidence and with God's grace I started walking again."  (Don't Miss: Apurva Agnihotri Talks About His Married Life With Shilpa Saklani, Says Must Have Done Good Deeds)

Well, we love Shakti's emotional note for her mother!

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