Top Dos And Don'ts You Should Know If Your Wedding Venue Is In A Distant And Secluded Area


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Top Dos And Don'ts You Should Know If Your Wedding Venue Is In A Distant And Secluded Area

The moment your wedding date is finalised, the first thing on your and your family’s mind is to book the venue. You want it to suit all your requirements like your budget, your personal taste and style, the number of guests you are calling, the accessibility and many more things.

When it comes to venues, the common favourites, i.e., the farm houses are a little away from the city due to space issues. The outskirts of the city are relatively less crowded and so the sizes of these farm houses are huge. And if your wedding venue also happens to be far away from your home in a secluded or ‘in the middle of nowhere’ area, here are the list of things you should and should not do.

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Things To Do

#1. Inform your guests

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Let your guests know well in advance about the distance of the venue. Give them time to make proper arrangements for reaching the venue and also to decide other factors such as what time to leave, what to wear to a place that is so far away, etc.

#2. Try to have a day function

By doing so, you make it easy not only for yourself but for your guests too, as the risk of going to a far away and deserted venue at night is chalked off. You can easily go and come in the day light, safe and sound!

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#3. Wear less jewellery

Firstly because you are going to be travelling a long time to reach the venue from an unknown route and you don’t know what kind of places you will be crossing. And secondly, you don’t know when a mishap can strike. Usually, gangs who are involved in theft and robbery are aware of weddings taking place near their area, so you must avoid attracting any undue attention. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

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#4. Pack well

Especially if you are travelling with children, pack like you are packing for a short trip. You don’t know whether you will find any convenience stores around a new place. So for our own convenience, tell someone in your family to take along a first aid/ medicine kit, proper snacks that the kids like and comfortable clothes to change into.

#5. Look for ‘stay the night’ options

If the venue you are booking does not have rooms to rent out and your wedding happens to be at night, instead of travelling back with the wedding party late at night from an unknown and far away area, look for some decent hotel stay options nearby. You can all stay at night there, catch up on your sleep and return home fresh and rested the next morning.

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#6. Have a pre-wedding function near your place

By doing so, all your loved ones who want to be a part of our wedding function but have to miss it because of the distance, will also get a chance to shake a leg with you and be a part of your celebration. You can have a cocktail/sagan celebration at a banquet or at your own place, and only the close family can go to the wedding (if it is REALLY very far and inaccessible).

#7. Make arrangements for a security guard at home

And because all of you will be gone for a long time for the wedding with no one at home, make sure you call a security agency and arrange for a security guard to look after the house and all the valuables in it while you are away. After all, a shaadi wala ghar is on the top priority for burglars. It will cost you few extra bucks, but at least your belongings will be safe while you aren’t home.

Things Not To Do

#1. Don’t wear real jewellery

Nowadays, imitation jewellery is so excellently carved that it is difficult to make out the difference between which is real and which is fake. If your wedding is at a faraway venue, wear imitation jewellery for the event. God forbid if something were to happen, at least you will not be robbed of your expensive assets. And you can always wear real jewellery for the other functions.

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#2. Don’t drive back alone at night

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This one is actually for your guests! Even if the wedding is not yet over and for some reason any of your guests want to leave, try convincing them for staying back. It is an unknown location, dark at night with only them on the road; a perfect opportunity for the wrong elements of the society to strike. Thus, even after the wedding is over, make sure all the cars and busses leave together in a group. Remember, there is always more power, unity and safety in numbers.

#3. Don’t use the lonely route to the venue

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As soon as the venue is fixed, drive down a few times to it using different routes. You can use the Google map on your mobile phone to do it too. After finding out all the routes, opt for the one that has the maximum crowd both in the morning and at night. And come what may, avoid taking the lonely route while you are coming back from the wedding in the wee hours of the morning.

#4. Don’t travel without a security guy with you in the bus

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When you are already spending so much on the wedding, spending a few extra thousands for the safety of your loved ones won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Thus, when you book a guard for our house, ask them to give you another armed guard to travel with the wedding party in the bus.

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Small things can make a big difference and save you from a lot of trouble. And because one becomes very busy while planning a wedding whether it is near or far, such things don’t occur while planning. So take a minute to jot down these important points and have a safe, smooth and interruption free wedding! © 2018, Red Hot Web Gems (I) Pvt Ltd, All Rights Reserved.