Sanjeeda Shaikh Compares Pains Of Heeramandi's 'Waheeda' To Her Real Life, 'Meri Zindagi Mein...'

'Heeramandi' 'Waheeda', aka Sanjeeda Shaikh recently shared in an interview that a part of one's personality is always portrayed in their on-screen characters.


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Sanjeeda Shaikh Compares Pains Of Heeramandi's 'Waheeda' To Her Real Life, 'Meri Zindagi Mein...'

Sanjeeda Shaikh, a prominent figure in Indian showbiz, began her acting career in television soap operas. However, the actress did not limit herself to the small screen and made a successful transition to the big screen with the 2016 film, Taish, co-starring Harshvarddhan Rane. Her most recent venture was in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s magnum opus, Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar, where she portrayed the character of a scarred ‘Waheeda’.

Sanjeeda recently appeared on Connect Cine’s YouTube channel, where she delved into the process of bringing her complex character, ‘Waheeda’, to life in Heeramandi. The host, in a thought-provoking conversation, asked if her personal struggles had a role in shaping her performance. It's worth noting that Sanjeeda had a significant personal event in her life. Sanjeeda, who had tied the with her longtime boyfriend, Aamir Ali in 2012, ended her marriage after eight years. They decided to part ways in 2020. 

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Sanjeeda Shaikh shares that people learn a lot from their sad phases

Sanjeeda and Aamir’s divorce was finalised in 2021, and she got custody of their daughter, Ayra Ali. Meanwhile, around the same time, Heeramandi’s shoot had commenced. During the interaction, Sanjeeda said that everyone goes through sad phases in their lives and learns a lot from them. Sharing that a part of one’s personality is often reflected in the characters they play on-screen, she added:

“A part of your personality is always there in the character what you are playing. I am not saying Sanjeeda is exactly like Waheeda but, I think everyone goes through phases in life where you have sad phases and good phases. And, what one learns from those sad phases is that you come up and you look for a brighter future, and from the good phases you wanna keep them forever in your life.”

Sanjeeda Shaikh recalls the dark side of her story and says she felt terribly hurt

Sanjeeda further mentioned that a character like ‘Waheeda’ had allowed her to enjoy the dark side of her life, and accepted that the incident left her hurt. While she had felt terrible about it, she kept it in her heart and portrayed the role. In her words:

“But, of course, when you are doing a character like Waheeda, one thing I learned that you enjoy the dark side of your story… also, which is very good as a performer. You have to enjoy the dark side of your story ki han bhai mere zindagi mein kuch hua tha and that time what I felt… I felt hurt, I felt terrible, and if you can while emoting I don’t keep that in my mind, but it is there in my heart which is gonna stay right? And as a performer then you perform and emote, and you forget about it and the same goes for my life.”

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Sanjeeda Shaikh adds she’s leading the life that she always wanted to 

Furthermore, Sanjeeda discussed that she is extremely proud of her journey. Instead of sulking and regretting the things that had happened, she chose to embrace them and move forward. The actress believed that there is a reason behind every incident in our lives. Sharing that she is leading the life, that she always wanted, Sanjeeda said:

“I am not somebody who will be sulking, who will be regretting. I am just very proud of my journey and so happy that whatever happened in my life had a reason, it happened, and its beautiful to come out from that and lead a life, the life which I wanted to lead.”

What do you think of Sanjeeda Shaikh’s revelations?

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