In One Of The Parsi Wedding Rituals, The Bride And The Groom Throw Rice On Each Other


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In One Of The Parsi Wedding Rituals, The Bride And The Groom Throw Rice On Each Other

Parsi weddings are elaborate and different from the usual Hindu wedding traditions and rituals. So much so, that many customs go on for as long as one week. A Parsi wedding is also known as the ‘lagan’ ceremony. 

The Parsi weddings along with the wedding rituals comprise of pre- and post-wedding rituals as well, which are given as follows.

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Pre-Wedding Traditions and Rituals

The Rupia Peravanu Ritual

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In the rupia peravanu ritual, ladies from the bride’s family visit the groom’s house and likewise, female members of the groom’s family visit the bride’s family. Both give gifts, money and a silver coin to the groom as well as the bride respectively. It is an engagement ceremony of an unofficial kind.

The Madhavsaro

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According to the madhavsaro ritual, both the families are supposed to plant a tree in a flower pot and keep it on the main entrance of their respective houses. This pot is kept there for about 7-8 days after the wedding and watered everyday. After this, it is removed from the entrance and placed elsewhere.  

The Adarni Ritual

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In this ritual, the bride is visited by her to-be in-laws and family with gifts, jewellery and clothes. They are served delicacies by the bride’s family here.

The Supra Nu Murat Ceremony

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In this ritual, five married ladies apply a turmeric paste on to the bodies of the bride and the groom.

The Nahan Ritual

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In this ritual, both the bride and the groom take a bath for purity and cleansing. They then start getting ready for the wedding.

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Wedding Traditions and Rituals

Setting up of the stage

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In Parsi weddings, a stage is built in a fire temple. Here, the mother of the bride carries a tray which contains some rice, a coconut, dates, raw eggs and water. She then circles all these items excepting the water around the groom and then throws them away. This ritual is called the achumichu ritiual and is done on the stage. The groom’s mother repeats the same ritual for the bride.

The Ara Antar Ritual

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Here, the bride and the groom sit facing towards each other and a cloth is placed between them.

Tying Of The String

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The priest now ties seven knots to a string placed around the couple. Both the bride and the groom throw rice at each other without peeking and compete to untie the string first.

The Chero Bandhvanu

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The couple now sits with each other and after placing lamps on their sides, the priest begins his prayer rituals. The exchange of rings by the couple and showering of blessings and flowers follows this.

The Haath Borvanu

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In this ritual, the sister of the bride is supposed to free the couple of the tied strands and in return the groom gives her money. She also places his hands in a bowl of water and cleans his shoes by pouring milk.

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Post Wedding Traditions and Rituals

Reception Party

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The grand affair of the traditional Parsi Wedding comes to a delightful end with the reception party hosted by the groom’s family. Also, the mother of the groom repeats the achumichu ritual on the arrival of the couple back home.

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India with its diversities in languages, people and cultures has one of the largest number of regions and religions in the world, all with their own distinct wedding rituals. Parsi wedding rituals are also one of them and are quite different from the other traditional Indian Hindu marriage customs. We hope you loved reading about all the traditions.

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