Twilight Actor, Robert Pattinson Feels Good About Being 'A Total Fake', Jokes About A Hollywood Lie

'Twilight' lead actor, Robert Pattinson is lately absent from the silver screen. However, he talks about being back in Hollywood, jokes about a lie told by most people in the profession, and more.


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Twilight Actor, Robert Pattinson Feels Good About Being 'A Total Fake', Jokes About A Hollywood Lie

Robert Pattinson gained immense popularity as the lead, ‘Edward Cullen’, in the Twilight movie series. Although the 37-year-old has been a part of several critically acclaimed movies till today, but he is mostly known for his stint in the fantasy series. Robert even fell in love with his co-star, Kristen Stewart, while they were filming for Twilight. Unfortunately, the duo did not last for long and ended their relationship.

Robert Pattinson is now leading a happy life with his partner, Suki Waterhouse, and the two are soon going to welcome their little one. The 37-year-old recently did an interview with the Irish actor, Barry Keoghan for Wonderland Magazine and dropped a few opinions on lies told in Hollywood.

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Robert Pattinson reveals how he is preparing himself to be back on the screens and why he feels good about being ‘a total fake’

Robert Pattinson first stepped into the world of glitz and glamour when he was just 17. He debuted with the historical drama film, Vanity Fair in 2004. Since then, he has acted in some of the best Hollywood movies. However, lately, he has not taken up much acting endeavours and is enjoying a break from his profession. In the interview, Robert highlighted how he would get nervous about the fact that he wasn’t feeling fidgety at all. He said:

“I almost get more nervous when I don’t feel nervous. That’s why whenever I start a new job… I mean, it doesn’t really help that I’m hardly doing any jobs at the moment, because I wish I were doing more.”

Robert Pattinson further talked about how he is preparing himself to be back in the game again. He sheds light on the fact that it makes him feel nice to be back on the sets like an amateur with an absolute blank slate. The 37-year-old feels good about being ‘a total fake’. He said:

“I just feel like now I’m back to the start again. I know the next time I do something; I’ll be like, I can’t remember how to do any of this stuff. It’s kind of nice to go into it as an amateur every time and be like, ‘This is a huge mountain to climb.’ It’s like being a total fake again.”

Robert Pattinson laughs about Hollywood people lying about their age

While the duo was talking about Barry’s role in Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, they touched upon the topic of ageing in Hollywood. They joked about how people never seem to age, but Robert is getting older faster than anyone else in Tinsel Town. Robert said:

“I look at so many other people. I’m like, so many people must be lying about their ages because I seem to age so much quicker than everybody else. I just still have the mentality of a 20-year-old. I just stopped mentally developing on purpose.” 

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Twilight director, Catherine Hardwicke reveals that the studio didn’t think Robert Pattinson was suitable for the lead role

Recently, reports went rife that stated that Robert Pattinson was not suitable for the role of ‘Edward Cullen’ in the Twilight movie franchise. The film's director, Catherine Hardwicke, appeared on the Watchalong podcast and revealed how Robert’s appearance wasn’t up to the studio, Summit Entertainment’s standard. She disclosed:

“When he came over to my house, he had black bangs for hair and was kind of out of shape because he was hanging out at the pub all the time. I thought, ‘it works not just in person, but it works on screen.’ I had to be sure. Of course, in person, I just got carried away, but you have to be sure — does it really translate [to the screen]?”

Catherine then described how the studio responded to the possibility of Robert landing the role. She said that the studio summoned her to explain if Robert was suitable for the role or not. She then explains that she told them that they are doing Robert’s makeover to turn him into the desired character. She said:

“I sent it to Summit, and he went over to meet them. They called me back and go, ‘Do you think you can make this guy look good?’ I said, ‘Yeah, I do. Did you see his cheekbones? We’re doing a makeover on the hair and everything, and he’s going to start working out, and he’s going to be gorgeous.’ But they didn’t believe it at first. He walked over there with a stained shirt… It was Rob.”

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