14 Relationship Splurges That Are Absolutely Worth Every Penny!


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14 Relationship Splurges That Are Absolutely Worth Every Penny!

There is no denying that money cannot buy happiness. But, it surely can get you things which gives you loads of happiness in a relationship. Want to know how? Well, then let us show you where you can splurge on your relationship without any guilt, for a lifelong supply of love and admiration.

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#1. Frequent date nights

relationship splurges that are worth it date night

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Dating is a great way to spend some quality time with each other. Whether it is grabbing a dinner at some fancy restaurant or a movie in a comfortable multiplex, the time spent together is what matters the most. You can do this every week or month to have some fun together.

#2. Secret getaway at a nearby resort

relationship splurges that are worth it leap year

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Pack your partner’s bag and pick them up after work. Do not spill the beans just yet and drive them straight to the place you have booked for the stay.

#3. Go on a second honeymoon

relationship splurges that are worth it

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Plan a second honeymoon or visit some place that you both have always wanted to. We get it, you are married and have already been to your honeymoon. Still, a time off from everything else is a great way to reconnect. And, with all the breathtaking views around, you would not be able to control the romance brewing up between the two of you.

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#4. Groom yourself

relationship splurges that are worth it kal ho na ho saif ali khan

Image Courtesy: Kal Ho Naa Ho

Okay, so your partner loves you, but do you think he or she would really be attracted to you if you look unkempt at all times? No, right? So, why not spend some money on going to the salon, getting some nice clothes and looking your best!

#5. Celebrate special occasions

relationship splurges that are worth it how i met your mother barney proposal robin

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Occasions, like marriage anniversary, birthdays or a big achievement, are some of the most valuable moments of one’s life. Celebrate these days with your partner, make him/her feel extra special on this day. Throw a party, invite some good friends over to your house. Or, if your partner is not so much of a people’s person, then plan a special dinner for just the two of you and surprise them with gifts.

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#6. Take dance lessons

relationship splurges that are worth it sliver linings playbook dance

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Love dancing? Get a crash course in a dance form together as a couple. Dancing together will help you grow your bond stronger and develop a deeper understanding. And, if it is salsa or tango, which are known to be seductive dance forms, you would soon be having quite a lot of your own private sessions behind the closed doors.

#7. Help reconnect your partner with his/her BFF

relationship splurges that are worth it cocktail saif deepika diana BFF

Image Courtesy: Cocktail

What would life be without friends? They are the only people with whom you can totally be yourself. Spending some time with a BFF would rejuvenate them. So boys, you can give your girl’s BFF a call and book a spa session for both of them. And girls, you can gift your guy a ticket for a live match of his favourite sports. Your spouse is bound to fall in love with you even more!

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#8. Be a secret Santa

relationship splurges that are worth it sheldon amy tiara the big bang theory

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Everyone has a list of things they would want to do in their life. For instance, there might be books they want to read, games they want to play, gadgets they want to buy or places they would like to visit. Try to find out what is there in your partner’s bucket list and surprise them one fine day. The joy on their face would be worth every penny you spend!

#9. Give a sensual massage

relationship splurges that are totattly worth it sensual body massage friends monica chaandler

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Instead of going to the spa for a couple massage, surprise your partner with a sensual massage done all by yourself. Get some good books on massage techniques or pay a massage therapist to give you a few lessons. Light some aromatic candles, buy a good organic massage oil (remember the fragrance is really important here), throw in some rose petals and give your partner a sensual massage. Now what happens next? Well, we leave that to your imagination!

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#10. Hire a help for housework

relationship splurges that are totally worth it! baby's day out

Image Courtesy: Baby's Day Out

After a tiring day at office, things like doing the dirty dishes, cleaning the home, cooking, etc., would take up all the time that the two of you could have shared. So, why not hire a person who could help you with the household chores? You would save a lot of time and spend the remaining hours catching up with each other.

#11. Buy a smartphone

relationship splurges that are totattly worth it airtel ad boss wife smartphone

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Are you in a long distance relationship where you do not get to spend much time with each other? Then why not gift your partner a nice smartphone that has all the facilities of staying connected with each other despite the distance?

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#12. Shop for home appliances

relationship splurges that are totattly worth it friends ross rachel washing machine

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Wondering how getting a home appliance will help your relationship grow? Well let us explain. Home appliances like washing machine, a microwave or a dishwasher do away with the extra labour you need to put in for the work to be done. So, throw that dirty load in your washing machine and while the laundry is being done, spend some moments with your partner.

#13. Plan a photo shoot

relationship splurges that are totattly worth it photo shoot honeymoon travels pvt ltd

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Come on, admit it, seeing your flawlessly beautiful self in lovely romantic poses like the movies, gives you a high. A professional photo shoot of the two of you would be worth every penny to look at when you grow old.

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#14. Buy a home

relationship splurges that are totattly worth it house hunting ted

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Go house hunting and buy one that you both would love to grow old in. Discussing, planning and executing your ideas would bring you closer. And, the mere fact that you both are ready to move in together or make such a heavy investment, speaks for itself.

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So guys and girls, it is time to splash some money for your happiness. Remember, money cannot buy everything, but it can surely give you a nice little break that you need to make your relationship livelier!

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