When Raj Singh Arora And Pooja Gor Are Unwell, This Is What They Do For Each Other


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When Raj Singh Arora And Pooja Gor Are Unwell, This Is What They Do For Each Other

It’s reasonably said that matches are made in heaven. One of the most adorable couples from telly land substantiates this saying commendably and it’s is none other than, hottie Raj Singh Arora and beautiful Pooja Gor. Yes, he is the same guy who made many girls go crazy as Yuvi in Remix, and she is the same girl who carved her own niche through a strong role Pratigya in Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya.

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raj singh and pooja gor

The cutesy lovebirds met on the sets of Koi Aane Ko Hai (a horror series) and little did they know that they will fall in love with each other. It’s been seven long years that these two cuties have been seeing each other and are still going strong (*touchwood*). Though less is known about their love story, or for that matter their love life, but there is a lot that other couples can learn from them. So, scroll on and check out what all is making their relationship stronger and love fonder with each passing day.

#1. This is how couple pictures are clicked

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Raj and Pooja are both crazily and madly in love with each other and their clicks are the evidences. All the lovey-dovey pictures of this adorable duo can teach the secret behind that perfect couple picture.

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Whether you talk about love, respect, care or madness, their snaps project them all in one go and we just can’t stop swooning over them. Aww…!

#2. How to take care when the other is unwell

Image Courtesy: Instagram

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These two lovebirds know exactly what is needed when the other person isn’t well and that’s called good care. This is what exactly this couple do for the other when one is unwell. Here we have a digital proof of the same as well. Actually sometime back when Raj was unwell, Pooja took good care of the love of her life. Here’s the picture that Raj shared on Instagram:

Image Courtesy: Instagram

The caption along with this picture says it all:

“So i have been really unwell last 2 days & that's when you know who your true friends, thank you @ppgor09 for taking such good care of me love you a lot & yes you know you are my best friend, just like i am yours.... Feeling so much better thanx to all the love & care by you Mwaaah Happy Friendship Day.”

#3. Distance doesn’t matter

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Not exactly do we mean that! Pooja is a bit emotional and this is what we come to know when Raj recently left for his abroad trip. Raj too is very sensitive when it comes to the love of his life Pooja. He too felt lonely after having left her lady in tears. Aww…you two! Courtesy Facetime, these cuties enjoyed togetherness even being miles away. This is what we say true love!

#4. Colour coordinate the attires like this at parties

Image Courtesy: Instagram

It’s important to look good at parties or events, but what if you both look good “together”! Well, this cutesy couple has many a times colour-coordinated their outfits when they make public appearances.

Image Courtesy: Instagram

And they do so very smartly (we mean the choice of colour they chose is simply amazing!). Take cues from these lovelies and don’t get bogged down!

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#5. Simply be crazy at romantic outings

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Who says dinners and outings should only be romantic? Learn to add some craziness ka tadka to your romantic outings. Wondering how you can do so? Just like Raj and Pooja! After enjoying your dinner, spend some crazy time by clicking mad pictures.

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Click selfies and make silly faces like these two cutie pies.

#6. Teasing bhi zaroori hai boss!

Image Courtesy: Instagram

To keep any relationship healthy, there should be a fun factor. One of the loveliest ways to add the same is by teasing one another, and the other person should not take it to the heart. Learn this relationship strengthening secret by one and only Raj Singh Arora and Pooja Gor. In fact, there is one picture that Raj shared sometime back and the way he captioned it would give you a fair idea of what we are trying to say. Here is the picture:

Image Courtesy: Instagram

The caption could be read as:

“Miss @ppgor09 on the Floor after day 1 of Her Cycling Adventure in #Mumbai City. But Must say PP Well Done you Rode Like a PRO i mean, we bought the Cycle you sat on it & without a Doubt rode it without any Fear all the way Home.... Now i Just hope you Ride it Daily & it does not RUST away in My Parking !!!!”

Not just this guys, the interesting part is Pooja’s comment on the same picture that read:

“@rajsingharora Raj u gotta stop posting this hideous pic of me everywhere!!! ur bike 28 horsepower and 500 cc. But the power of my cycle depends on my legs..!! And they hv bcm jelly legs now.!! but that ain't gna break my enthusiasm. ”

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And recently, Pooja added this picture to tease Raj. Here it is:

Raj and Pooja

Hahaha..isn't this too funny? Aww…we love you both more for this!

#7. Get dramebaaz sometimes

Image Courtesy: Instagram

To nurture your relationship, one more thing that commendable between these two is that they are fully dramebaaz and filmi at times. Make crazy and silly videos and upload them on your social media accounts and let the world know about your madness.

Sometime back, this duo started their own Insta video series that they named, "RAJ & POOJA'S La La Land... Daily Dose of Drama..!”, which came up with a number of episodes in form of short clips. Following are the two that we just loved and couldn’t resist sharing with you guys. Take a look:




A post shared by Pooja A Gor (@ppgor09) on



A post shared by Pooja A Gor (@ppgor09) on


#8. How to stay committed to each other

Image Courtesy: Instagram

No matter what when you decided on forever you will stay together forever and ever! And this is what this beautiful couple, Raj and Pooja have been teaching other couples over the counter. It has been seven (as we said earlier) that they have been with each other and the spark between them is still alive. And they truly have staged a benchmark for others on how to stand by and support each other through thick and thin.

Well, these were just a few things that we could figure out through their lovely PDA on social media. Team BollywoodShaadis wishes Raj and Pooja, ocean full of happiness and a lifetime of togetherness. Much love to you two!

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