Pooja Gor On Her Equation With Ex Raj Singh Arora Post Break-Up, Shares If There Was A Bitter Moment

A few months after announcing her break-up with Raj Singh Arora, Pooja Gor shed some light on her equation with him and revealed that they'll always remain friends.


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Pooja Gor On Her Equation With Ex Raj Singh Arora Post Break-Up, Shares If There Was A Bitter Moment

The year 2020 was a cursed one with a pandemic hitting the world and for the Bollywood lovers, it became even more worse with their favourite stars leaving the world for the heavenly abode and their beloved couples parting ways. Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya fame, Pooja Gor and Remix fame, Raj Singh Arora belonged to the list of celeb couples, who parted ways in 2020 and their break-up had left their fans heartbroken. It was more than a decade ago, on the show Koi Aane Ko Hai, where Cupid had struck Raj and Pooja with its sharpest arrow. Years of relationship later, Pooja had confirmed her break-up with Raj in December 2020. 

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Announcing their split and revealing that they will "continue to be friends", Pooja had written on her post, "2020 has been a year with a lot of changes. The good and the not-so-good. There has been a lot of speculations about my relationship with Raj over the past few months. Difficult decisions take time to process. Hence, I wanted to take some time before talking about it. Raj and I have decided to part ways. Even though life may lead us on different paths. The love and respect, we have for each other are for a lifetime. I will always wish the best for him as he has been a very important influence in my life. And I will always be grateful to him. We continue to be friends and that will never change. It has taken a good amount of time and courage for me to talk about this. And this is all I want to say for now. Thank you for understanding and respecting our privacy at this time."


A few months after announcing her break-up with Raj Singh Arora, Pooja Gor, in an interview with ETimes TV, spoke about the equation they share and revealed that they'll always remain friends. Pooja said, "We don't care about what the saying is we have a bond of over 11/12 years and it will always stay and we will remain friends. He is always going to be my family and his family is always going to be mine. He needed help in something and if I could I did instantly. I would do it for anybody in need. Of course, if it is him even more so. We are mature people, things are not always going to be bad and it isn’t between us. And I am glad that it was that way." When asked if there was ever a bitter moment during their break-up, Pooja retorted, "It was a mature decision between two people and that’s all that happened."

raj singh and pooja gor

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During the second wave of the pandemic, when Raj Singh Arora had to immediately rush home to his family in Virginia, USA, it was his ex-girlfriend, Pooja Gor, who helped him get his RTPCR done on time so that he can fly out of Mumbai. Revealing how he was called back home immediately by his parents, Raj had written, "One Week now #Home in #USA #traveldiaries #covid_19 Image 1. IJ - On 7th April my father called me & said get on a flight & get out of #Mumbai Me - I was like I am fine at home. Papa I am safe have done this before. I had already gone into a self Imposed Lockdown 2 weeks earlier for I foresaw clearly what was going to happen in India a month ago when I went to Delhi to Shoot my LG Commercial. I knew it was coming by what I saw at the Airport/ if they could Not & especially People NOT follow safety Rules in the International Airport DOOM was on its way!!!"

Raj Singh Arora

Thanking Pooja Gor for helping him in getting his RTPCR result on time, Raj Singh Arora had continued, "So had already started my isolation & preparation drill for the coming days at home in #Mumbai IJ - flight has been booked for 14th Morning for you! Thats me in Image 1 having got my RTPCR test earlier in the afternoon for the 72hr Rule thanx to @poojagor who got it done in time or else would not have been able to fly out of Bombay." In the comments section, Raj had written, " @poojagor Thank you .... would not have flown out or else!" To which, Pooja had replied, "@irajsingharora Glad you are safe with Fam."

Raj Singh Arora

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On the work front, Pooja is currently working in Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 2 and YouTube channel, Shitty Ideas Trending.

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