Ravi Shastri Chased Pakistan's Greatest Batsman, Javed To Beat Him With A Shoe, Here's The Story

A look back at former Indian skipper, Ravi Shastri's infamous fight with legendary Pakistani player, Javed Miandad after a tournament's final back in 1987.


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Ravi Shastri Chased Pakistan's Greatest Batsman, Javed To Beat Him With A Shoe, Here's The Story

Ravishankar Jayadritha Shastri, aka Ravi Shastri is considered as one of the best all-rounders in the rich history of Indian cricket. Whether we talk about his batting records or the wickets he had took as a left-arm spinner, Ravi Shastri has contributed heavily into the Indian cricket. For the uninitiated, he has played 230 international matches in his illustrious cricketing career and has scored 6,500 runs. Apart from making his mark on the international stage with his batting, Ravi also took more than 250 wickets in his career.

Not everyone is aware of the fact that Ravi Shastri has played a crucial role in India's two major victories in world cricket that changed the stature of the game in India. The first victory that changed people's outlook towards cricket in India was the 1983 World Cup, and the second major win for the Indian cricket team came in the 1985 Benson and Hedges series. In both the tournaments, Ravi Shastri was formidable and registered his name in the history books of Indian cricket.

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Apart from adding a series of glorious pages to Indian cricket's history as a player, Ravi Shastri also coached the Indian team from July 2017 to November 2021. After quitting as the coach of the Indian cricket team, Ravi Shastri joined Legends League Cricket as the Commissioner of the league. Apart from his cricketing records, he had a lot of interesting stories related to his playing days that still echo in the cricket galleries. One such story is from the year 1985, when India hosted Pakistan for a crucial series and it was when Ravi Shastri fought against Pakistan's key player, Javed Miandad.

Ravi Shastri's intense fight with Pakistan's legendary player, Javed Miandad, after India beat Pakistan

According to a report in ABPLive, India and Pakistan locked horns against each other in an intense match in Hyderabad. Just like every clash, the anticipation around India and Pakistan's tie was at an all-time high. Excitement went a notch higher, as Pakistan needed just two runs to win the trophy on the final delivery of the match. What happened next broke a million Pakistani hearts as Abdul Qadir got run out, and India won the series. It was a massive disappointment for Pakistan, and Javed Miandad couldn't accept his team's defeat. The star player stormed into Team India's dressing room and started shouting saying, "You won by cheating".

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As soon as the Indian players heard the word 'cheating', they came out of the dressing room, and both camps were involved in a heated debate, courtesy of Javed Miandad claims that India won by cheating. Ravi Shastri was one of the few Indian cricketers, who were known for their temper and aggression. As a result, the moment he heard Javed Miandad claiming that the Indian team won by cheating, Ravi Shastri ran behind the Pakistani batsman to beat him with his shoe. It was a chaotic moment and Imran Khan had to intervene between Ravi Shastri and Javed Miandad in order to calm things down.

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Despite such an ugly spat, Ravi Shastri and Javed Miandad displayed exceptional professionalism when they met once again in Pune for their next match. The duo was spotted sitting and chatting with each other, which ended all the reports of their possible conflict. In his illustrious career, there have been numerous moments when Ravi Shastri got indulged in a series of wars of words against opponents, who were tarnishing Team India's image. It's fair to say that Ravi Shastri is the kind of player that every team needs. Whether we talk about his cricketing talent or aggression, Ravi Shastri knew the art of getting into his opponent's head. The iconic all-rounder has been a source of inspiration for so many aspiring young cricketers around the country, which speaks volumes about his legacy as a cricketer in india.  

What are your thoughts on Ravi Shastri and Javed Miandad's ugly clash after India beat Pakistan? Let us know.

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