Raveena Tandon Complains That Her Kids Are Growing Up Too Fast, Shares Her Remedy To Stop It

Raveena Tandon's recent post about the only fear she has about her children must have made many mommies out there give out a bid nod!


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Raveena Tandon Complains That Her Kids Are Growing Up Too Fast, Shares Her Remedy To Stop It

A mother and her child's relationship is one of the most pious bonds that ever exists. Something, which truly suffices to the term 'selfless love'. You may often get a bang from your mom, but at the end of the day when you will cry yourself to sleep, it will be your mom who will come to feed you with a plateful of your favourite dishes. While many of us live with the constant fear of losing her one day, do you what shudders a mother? It is nothing but seeing her little one grow bigger with each passing day! And the same is happening to one of Bollywood's stunning actresses and now a hands-on mommy, Raveena Tandon. (Do Read: Malaika Arora Gets Brutally Trolled For Wearing 'Indecent' Dress On An Outing With Son, Arhaan Khan)

Raveena Tandon is a mother to four kids- Chaya and Pooja through adoption and two biological children, Ranbirvardhan and Rasha through her marriage with Anil Thadani. Although her beautiful relationship with her adopted kids is known and loved by all, it is her relationship with her real kids that she hasn't brought into much limelight. And recently, Raveena's post about the only fear she has about her children must have made many mommies out there give out a bid nod!

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Sharing a picture of herself and a baby Rasha from a pool, Raveena Tandon shared the one thing she wants to do to her kids who are growing up faster beyond her apprehension! She wrote, "When they are that young and cling to you, just to feel their tiny face and arms around you, with their heartbeat beating along with yours... and then they grow up so so fast, taller than you and striding alongside, sometimes I wanna shrink my kids back to baby sizes and watch them grow up all over again..."

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In a 2016 interview with the Hindustan Times, Raveena Tandon had shared her parenting rules. She had stated, "I have always been very transparent with my kids. Even with the smaller ones, I never baby-talked them. I never sugar coated anything for my kids. I spoke to them about the mistakes I made, so that they don’t make the same mistakes. She had further added, "Very often parents say ‘no’ to things without understanding the need to explain and communicate the reason for their decision with their children. This, I feel, is not correct. No matter the age, kids are never too young to not understand and reason."

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Raveena Tandon had also revealed the kind of relationship she shares with all her kids. She had revealed, "Pooja is like my best friend. We hardly have an 11-year difference. Our relationship is so different." The Mohra actress had further added, "I am so proud of the younger ones too. Chhaya has shown excellence in academics and was the youngest member when she joined Jet Airways. The same is the case with Rasha and Ranbir. Rasha got getting an award of excellence at her school last year and Ranbir got it this year. I am so proud of all of them.” (Must Read: Kareena Kapoor, Taimur Ali Khan's Latest Pic From Europe Holiday With Karisma Kapoor, Samaira, Kiaan)

Raveena Tandon daugher wedding

For those who don’t know, Raveena Tandon had adopted two children when she was just 21 years old and challenged society and its thinking. In an interview with Verve magazine, the actress had talked in detail about the challenges she had faced. Raveena had shared, “This was before Mohra (1994). My mother and I used to visit orphanages like Asha Sadan on our weekends. When my cousin passed away he left behind two young daughters, Chaya and Pooja. I didn’t like the way their guardian was treating them so I took them home with me. I didn’t think much of it. It came naturally to me. I wanted to give the girls the life they deserved. I’m not a multibillionaire but I do what I can to help.”

Raveena Tandon daugher wedding

Raveena Tandon had further talked about how people used to tell her she won’t be able to get married, “Some people wondered what would happen to the two children once I got married. They said no one would marry me as I came with excess baggage. But I said I come in a package deal: my children, my dogs and me. Take it or leave it. Fortunately, my husband (Anil Thadani) and in-laws dote on the girls.”

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There wasn’t a single day, Raveena Tandon had regretted her decision of adoption. She had shared, “From the time I held the girls’ hands when we were taking our first flight, to walking them down the aisle, to holding my first grandchild in my arms, every moment has been priceless. They love my biological children, Rasha and Ranbirvardhan. They pay it forward by being kind to others. Every Mother’s Day the girls send me cards and letters saying how much they love me. What more can any mother ask for?”

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Raveena Tandon married Anil Thadani on February 22, 2004, at a palace in Udaipur. Her husband, Anil talked about Raveena in an interview and had stated, “Raveena was producing her film Stumped. And I was releasing the film for her. At that point, I dealt only with her partners. It was only after the release that we met and got to know each other personally. We knew each other socially; we were business acquaintances, so the question of love, at first sight, didn’t arise. But one thing led to another and quickly. So it didn’t take me long to propose to her. I guess when things are meant to be, they just work out. In fact, if you realise our courtship period didn’t last longer than five-six months. We were engaged for two months and then we got married. I never wanted a big wedding. I thought she would prefer a grand one but surprisingly she was on the same page. I think we’re similar in many ways. (Laughs) But there are natural differences of course.” (Also Read: Shah Rukh Khan's Daughter Suhana Khan's Picture From Her Short Film Tells She Is Ready For Movies)

Raveena tandon birthday wish for husband anil Thadani is pure love

Having said that, don't you resonate with the common fear of Raveena Tandon? Let us know!

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