Ranjeet Sadly Revealed His Wife's Relatives Advised Her Mom 'To Poison Her' Instead Their Marriage

In his latest interview, veteran actor, Ranjeet, recalled the time when his wife, Aloka Bedi's relatives, advised her mother to 'poison her' instead of agreeing to their marriage. Details inside!


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Ranjeet Sadly Revealed His Wife's Relatives Advised Her Mom 'To Poison Her' Instead Their Marriage

One of the most fearsome villains in the history of Bollywood, Ranjeet has redefined the image of negative characters in Indian cinema with his deadly expressions and exceptional acting skills that make it look natural on the big screen. However, after all these years, the actor had shown his comic side for the first time in the film, Housefull 2, and it had sky-rocketed his popularity in the audience's hearts.

We all know that at the pomp of his career back in the 70s, Ranjeet's presence on the screen was enough to make heroines shiver and heroes kneeling in front of him in over 200 films in Indian cinema. The impact of his villainous image had halted not only his chances of getting better roles but also his personal life to some extend. In his latest interview, Ranjeet opened up about the same.

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Ranjeet villain

In an interview with ETimes, Ranjeet unfolded some rare secrets about his marriage with his wife, Aloka Bedi. The iconic villain painfully recalled the time when some of his wife's relatives had advised his mother-in-law that she should've drowned or poisoned her daughter instead of letting her marry Ranjeet. He revealed,

"One of my wife's relatives was livid when she found out she had been married to me. So they told my mother-in-law that she should've instead poisoned or drowned her daughter than letting her marry me."

Ranjeet Aloka Bedi

Going further in the interview, Ranjeet also added that his wife's relatives didn't stop there and shockingly told his mother-in-law to check marks of violence on her daughter, Aloka Bedi's body. The actor added,

"They tried to instigate them saying that they should check their daughter's body for marks of violence because surely I got drunk and beat her up every evening. My in-laws shot back that if anyone would get hit in the relationship, it would be Ranjeet (laughs)."

Ranjeet villain wife aloka bedi

In the same interview, Ranjeet was asked to reveal the story behind his first meeting with his wife, Aloka Bedi. To this, Ranjeet revealed,

"How I met her was that I was going to cast her in my film, but my parents liked her--she was modern yet homely, could speak English as well as Punjabi--what else could I want. My younger brother and sister were married and my parents were really keen on me settling down."

Aloka bedi ranjeet

However, the iconic villain stated that at that time, nobody was keen to give their daughter to him for marriage because of the impact of his criminal image on the screen. He added,

"Par un dino ke Ranjeet ko kaun apni beti deta (Who'd have married their daughter to the then Ranjeet)? Luckily, my in-laws did; I insisted on an intimate wedding with only immediate family present."

ranjeet aloka bedi

At the end of the interview, Ranjeet was asked to share some details about his wedding and how everything was organised. The actor stated that his wedding was an intimate affair. He said,

"Luckily, my in-laws did; I insisted on an intimate wedding with only immediate family present."

Ranjeet wife

Ranjeet and his wife, Aloka Bedi are blessed with two kids, Divyanka Bedi and Chiranjeev Bedi.

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