Rani Mukerji Is Missing Family Get-Together On Navratri This Year, Will Celebrate A Low-key 'Pujo'

Since the celebrations this year have shrunk to a bare minimum, scroll down to know how Rani Mukerji is planning to celebrate Navratri this year with husband, Aditya Chopra and their daughter, Adira!


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Rani Mukerji Is Missing Family Get-Together On Navratri This Year, Will Celebrate A Low-key 'Pujo'

The season of festivals has begun in India with the onset of Navratri. Although the celebrations have shrunk to a bare minimum and are almost bordering on the formalities, the energy and enthusiasm are no less than ever. Bollywood actress, Rani Mukerji is also missing the ardent festivities as this time around, Durga Puja is not going to be the same. (Recommended Read: Mommy-To-Be, Anushka Sharma Is Missing 'Kanjak Ka Halwa Puri' On The Ninth Day Of Navratri)

In a conversation with the Bombay Times, Rani Mukerji talked about how Durga Puja will be a low-key affair due to the health situation due to COVID 19. Scroll down to know how Rani is planning to celebrate Navratri this year with her husband, Aditya Chopra and their daughter, Adira!

Rani Mukerji

Rani Mukerji expressed that she missing coming together of her entire family under one roof to celebrate Durga Puja. She also shared that her family loves to do things associated with the Durga Puja like feed people and more. But this year, nothing as such is possible. Talking about it, Rani was quoted as saying, "I think what we are missing the most is the fact that once a year all the family members come together under one roof, but this year that is not going to happen. We also enjoy feeding so many people who come to visit our puja with our own hands. I think there is so much that has happened this year that to let go of one year of celebration is the most sensible decision that the family and the puja committee members have taken. We look forward to doing it next year once everything is better."

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Talking about her plans to celebrate a low-key pujo at home, Rani said, "I will definitely be doing a small puja in my house, as my daughter is still very young, and I want to keep the tradition alive. So, I am going to do the Kanjak Puja on Ashtami, which I do every year. I have got new clothes made for my daughter, Adira, and I am sure that I will find a new sari for myself in my closet." (Also Read: Dimpy Ganguly Shares An Adorable Picture Of Her Little Munchkins, Reanna And Aryaan On 'Mahaashtami')

Rani Mukerji

Rani also shared how, due to the lockdown, she got to spend maximum time with her daughter at home. She revealed that Adira's online school kept her busy and expressed her concern for other kids who were missing out on an important part of childhood due to COVID 19. In her words, "For me, it has been amazing, but as a mother, I am very saddened by the fact that my daughter is unable to do things, which she earlier could do."

Rani Mukerji

On the occasion of her 42nd birthday, Rani Mukerji had shared how her idea of birthday had changed over the years, and that now, she is more spent in celebrating her daughter, Adira's birthday. In an interview with Pinkvilla, Rani had stated, “I'm a huge birthday person but I have always had exams going on around my birthday. So I have never been able to celebrate it well as a kid ever. It's only after I got married that my husband (Aditya Chopra) celebrates my birthday. I'm that complete birthday person who loves balloons, samosas, sandwich, chips, cake (smiles). But none of that happens now. Those days have gone and now, I go all out for my daughter Adira's birthday.” (Don't Miss: Shoaib Ibrahim Shares An Adorable Picture With Dipika Kakar, Reveals How He Fell In Love With Her)

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