Rani Mukerji And Aditya Chopra's Love Story: From Mere Acquaintances To A Hushed-Up Couple

When it comes to their personal life, Aditya Chopra and Rani Mukerji are quite weary of the limelight. Well, take a look at the impeccable love story of this stunning couple!


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Rani Mukerji And Aditya Chopra's Love Story: From Mere Acquaintances To A Hushed-Up Couple

One of the power couples of B-Town, Rani Mukerji and Aditya Chopra have chosen to keep their relationship under wraps. Despite Aditya being the Chairman of the famous Yash Raj Films production house and Rani being a talented Bollywood actress, their massive stardom finds no place in their personal lives, and they keep it as lowkey as possible. So let us go down memory lane and recall the unique love story of Aditya and Rani.

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Who is Aditya Chopra?

Aditya Chopra is the eldest son of legendary filmmaker, late Yash Raj Chopra, who was the pioneer founder of Bollywood’s iconic production house, Yash Raj Films. Post his father’s untimely death in 2012, Aditya stepped into his late father’s shoes and became the new Chairman of Yash Raj Films. Aditya also has a younger brother and actor, Uday Chopra.

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Aditya Chopra and Rani Mukerji’s first meeting

Rani and Aditya had met each other for the first time for a profestional meeting. It so happened that Aditya was spell-bounded with Rani’s performance in her debut film, Raja Ki Ayegi Baraat. And therefore, when his best friend and eminent filmmaker, Karan Johar was looking out for a fresh new face to cast in his then-unreleased film, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Aditya suggested Rani’s name for the same. So that was the first time the duo met, along with Karan Johar's presence. And as the film went on to create history, so did the impeccable friendship between Rani, Aditya and Karan.

rani aditya

When Aditya was startled as Rani did not recognise him

Interestingly, this special anecdote of the first meeting of Rani and Aditya via Karan Johar does not end here. Well, Aditya expected on their first meet that Rani would recognise him and at least say hello to him. But, on the contrary, he was left startled when Rani did not walk up to him or even recognise him, considering the fact that he was a known filmmaker by then. Recalling their funny anecdote, Rani in an interview, had once mentioned:

“I first met Adi socially when I was doing Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, through Karan. Though Adi tells me that after my first film Raja Ki Aayegi Baaraat, he has a very vivid memory of seeing me in Sampan restaurant, where much as he had expected, I did not walk up to him to say a hi even though DDLJ had already released and he was already Aditya Chopra. Since actresses would usually walk up and introduce themselves to him, he found it strange.”

rani aditya

Aditya Chopra’s first marriage

In the year 2001, Aditya went ahead and married his ladylove, Payal Khanna, in a highly private ceremony. The duo had been high-school sweethearts, and Aditya’s parents, Yash and Pamela, were more than happy to have Payal as their daughter-in-law. Payal was an interior designer by profession, and post-marriage, she contributed her skills to design under the Yash Raj Studio. Unfortunately, despite such good terms, their marriage did not keep up, and the couple parted ways in 2009.

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payal chopra

Rani and Aditya’s relationship post the latter’s divorce

Despite being the frequent leading lady for Yash Raj Films, Rani Mukerji was never directed by Aditya Chopra himself. But both Rani and Aditya were like family to each another, and there was simply nothing they had not known about the other. Perhaps this special bond laid the foundation for their gradually blossoming relationship, as it was soon enough noticed that Rani became closer to Aditya and his family. The news of Aditya Chopra and Rani Mukerji being in a relationship spread soon enough and became a part of some hotly debated gossip.

rani aditya

When Rani was termed as a home-breaker in Aditya-Payal’s relationship

Unfortunately, the audience did not welcomely accept the news of Aditya and Rani's relationship. As Aditya dated Rani right after coming out of his divorce from his ex-wife, Payal Khanna, people quickly found Rani a villain of Aditya’s broken marriage. They tagged the actress as a home-breaker for the same. However, in an interview many years after Aditya and Rani’s marriage, the latter recalled the disgraceful remark levied on her and clarified the air. In her words:

“Contrary to all rumours, I started seeing him only when he was out of his divorce and was not my producer. I started seeing him at a point when I was not working with him as dating your producer was not my cup of tea.”


Rani Mukerji’s first date with Aditya Chopra

Soon enough, the duo gelled up as the best partners they ever desired. Rani and Aditya had crossed paths when both were going through a rough patch in their lives. However, their love for one another cured all obstacles and pain. It was reported back then that Aditya had asked permission to take Rani out on a date from his parents formally. This gesture surely melted the hearts of Rani’s parents, who were glad to see their daughter with such a genuine gem of a person.

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Rani and Aditya’s hushed-up relationship in public

With the town buzzing with rumours and gossip about their relationship, the duo, on the contrary, always tried to keep it under wraps. While Aditya was famously known to be weary of getting papped, he ensured his lady love was under no pressure from the media. Therefore, as Rani began to be a part of many family gatherings at the Chopra house, the couple kept mum about the same, and secretly, their love grew fonder behind the intriguing eyes.

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Rani Mukerji’s secret wedding with Aditya Chopra

After nearly five years of dating, Aditya and Rani tied the knot in a hushed-up private yet lavish ceremony in Italy on April 21, 2014. Unfortunately, due to Aditya’s particular focus on the need for privacy, there has been nearly not a single picture available till date of their wedding. The only detail ever known is that it was attended by the couple’s family and best of friends.

rani aditya

Within a year of their marriage, the love birds, Aditya and Rani completed their family as they welcomed their daughter, Adira on December 9, 2015. Their daughter's name is an interesting culmination made from the names of her parents.



We love how the stars aligned and destined Rani Mukerji to be the one for Aditya Chopra!

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