Ranbir Kapoor's Honest Food Revelations, His Hidden Love For Street Food

Who would believe that a megastar can become the number one foodie? Check out these candid revelations where Ranbir confessed his love for food.


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Ranbir Kapoor's Honest Food Revelations, His Hidden Love For Street Food

One of the most lavish and extravagant clans of B-Town has been the Kapoor family. From extraordinary parties, to large family gatherings, this close-knit family ensures that not a single person from family misses out on common celebrations. And from what gossip mills have hinted at several times, it is no secret that this family has a whole bunch of foodies.

Ranbir Kapoor, one of the next gen superstars belonging from the same family, recently hit headlines with his marriage with the glamourous, Alia Bhatt and subsequently with their announcement of being parents soon. However, interestingly he too has revealed his love and appetite for food, and confessed to be a big time foodie.

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#1. Home cooked food is the best


Being the desi munda and the heartthrob of millions of fans, Ranbir prefers simple home cooked meals over anything else. However, having said that he too has his own delectable favourites from a variety of other cuisines. His diet is never strict and contains a lot of good food simply. For Ranbir, the only ground rule for his food is simply to be tasty, no matter what.

#2. Appetizing ‘bhurji paratha’


Like most of us, the Brahmastra, actor too loves eating this yummy combo, especially because of the texture of the ingredients in it which are coarsely chopped. It is a wholesome food, containing a lot of essential nutrients.

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#3. Comforting 'dal-chawal'


For Ranbir, this is his ultimate comfort. Interestingly, in an interview, Ranbir revealed that he manifested his love for the item especially after marriage since he felt that a simple food like this is way better than the luxury foods of his life.

#4. Diving in flavourful 'bhindi'


Who knew that the most obvious and commonly available okra or bhindi would be one of his loved dishes? A simply cooked bhindi ki sabzi at home is one of his summer favourite meals.

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#5. The classic chicken curry


Dashing up on his list of top favourites is the much loved and classic chicken curry. Like most of us Indians who find this as a staple curry that can go well with anything accompanying it, Ranbir too loves it thoroughly. It tastes heavenly and is more or less a complete meal in itself.


Well, we hope your curiosity was well fed with this revelation about your favourite actor. Let us know what are your go to favourite meals!

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