Rakhi Sawant Throws A Chair At Abhijit Bichukale For Calling Her Husband, Ritesh, 'Bhaade Ka Pati'

'Bigg Boss 15' contestant, Rakhi Sawant pulled Abhijit Bichukale's hair and threw a chair at him, after he called her husband, Ritesh, 'bhaade ka pati' in the show's recent promo.


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Rakhi Sawant Throws A Chair At Abhijit Bichukale For Calling Her Husband, Ritesh, 'Bhaade Ka Pati'

The popular controversial reality show, Bigg Boss 15 became more entertaining after wildcard entry of the controversy queen, Rakhi Sawant, who, along with Devoleena Bhattacharya and Rashami Desai, had made a sensational entry on the show with her husband, Ritesh. The actress had stunned everyone when she had revealed the identity of her businessman-husband, Ritesh, on national television and had proved that she's indeed a married woman.

The married couple, Rakhis Sawant and Ritesh are leading all the headlines after a promo video of the show, Bigg Boss 15's upcoming episode has surfaced on the internet. In the video, Rakhi Sawant can be seen pulling co-contestant, Abhijit Bichukale's hair and throwing a chair at him after he called her husband, Ritesh, 'bhaade ka pati.'

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Bigg Boss 15

In the recently-aired promo of Bigg Boss 15, Abhijit Bichukale and Rakhi Sawant can be seen indulged in a war of words, as he made a controversial remark about her, and said, "Yeh pati hire kar ke layi hai kya?" Hearing this, Rakhi got furious and indulged in a physical fight with Abhijit. The actress can be seen throwing his luggage and screaming at him saying, "Tune bola ki mein apna pati bhaade pe laayi hun?" While Abhijit looked shocked and tried to defend himself, Rakhi looked super-angry after hearing such a statement about her husband, Ritesh, and threw a chair at Abhijit.

Going further in the promo video, we can see Rakhi Sawant's husband, Ritesh, lashing out at Abhijit Bichukale in a calm and composed manner, as he told him, "Imaan mein yeh rehta hai aapke tabhi bolte ho." Answering this, Abhijit said, "Salman bhai ne mazak kiya tha isiliye." However, Rakhi found his answer unconvincing and climbed up on his bed and shouted at him, saying, "Salman bhai ne yeh nahi bola hai. Tumhari biwi bhaade ki hai.” At the end of the promo video, Rakhi can be seen pulling Abhijit's hair after she took the matter into her own hands.

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rakhi abhijit fight bigg boss 15

Rakhi Sawant's husband, Ritesh had entered inside the Bigg Boss 15 house as a strong and opinionated contestant, who is often seen having a war of words with other contestants of the show. A few weeks ago, in one of the episodes, Tejasswi Prakash had opened up to her boyfriend, Karan Kundrra, about how she feels uncomfortable because of Rakhi's husband, Ritesh. She had further added that Pratik Sehajpal had also told her in the kitchen that if she feels uncomfortable because of Ritesh and needs help, he is there for her. Hearing this, Karan was shocked and had also praised Pratik.

Rakhi and Ritesh

Karan Kundrra had further asked Tejasswi Prakash about what had exactly happened that had made her feel uncomfortable. Answering this, Tejasswi had then explained that since he had entered the Bigg Boss house, she had been feeling uneasy as he had kept coming close to her while talking and had even held her hand. She had also mentioned that his body language towards her wasn't correct, which had left Karan shocked.

Karan Kundrra

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Once again, Rakhi Sawant and her husband, Ritesh, are in the limelight, and no wonder, next episode is going to be a fiery one!

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