Rakhi Sawant Teases Shamita About Karan, Says 'Wo Tejasswi Mein Phass Gaya, Uski Nazar Tumpe Thi'

In the promo of the upcoming episode, of 'Big Boss 15' Rakhi Sawant was seen teasing Shamita Shetty about Karan Kundrra, and this initiates an argument between Tejasswi and her boyfriend, Karan.


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Rakhi Sawant Teases Shamita About Karan, Says 'Wo Tejasswi Mein Phass Gaya, Uski Nazar Tumpe Thi'

Bigg Boss house always serves its audience with all kinds of masala, be it fights between contestants to growing chemistry between them. In the current season of Bigg Boss, the contestants like Karan Kundrra, Tejasswi Prakash, Shamita Shetty, Pratik Sehajpal, and Rakhi Sawant are leaving no stones unturned to entertain the viewers. In the last few episodes, we had seen brewing romance between Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash. Then the duo was also seen involved in a fight regarding the captaincy task, but again the two had made up with each other.

While Karan and Tejasswi were enjoying their courtship inside the BB house, Shamita Shetty was missing her boyfriend, Raqesh Bapat. On the other side, for the last few days, Tejasswi Prakash was also seen insecure about her relationship with her boyfriend, Karan Kundrra. She was often seen questioning and blaming Karan about his friendship with Shamita. Rakhi Sawant had played an important role in the fight as she had informed Shamita, about Tejasswi’s comment from time to time.

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In the latest promo of an upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 15, Rakhi Sawant was seen teasing Shamita Shetty about Karan Kundrra. On this, Shamita, who shares a good friendship with Karan Kundrra was seen giving a fully annoyed reaction to Rakhi. Rakhi said to Shamita:

“Karan phas gaya Tejasswi ke sath, nahi toh uski nazar toh tum pe he thi.”

Later in the same promo, Tejasswi Prakash was also seen having a conversation with her boyfriend, Karan Kundrra regarding the same. She told Karan that Rakhi has teased Shamita about his liking towards Shamita. This started another fight between Tejasswi and Karan. Yelling at Karan, Tejasswi said:

“Jise mein boyfriend bula rahi hun usko kisi or ke sath tease kiya ja raha hai or woh react bhi nahi kar raha hai.”

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Hearing Tejasswi’s words, Karan stood up and angrily asked Tejasswi not to teach him things. He also added that that he is fed up with others teaching him what to do and what not to do. He replied to Tejasswi:

“I am done with people telling me what to do. I will do whatever I want to do. Tumhe achha nahi lag raha hai toh back off.”


In the last fight betweenShamita Shetty and Tejasswi Prakash, Rakhi Sawant had gone to Shamita and had shared that Tejasswi was accusing her of coming close to Karan Kundrra. To this, Shamita had lashed out at Karan, mentioning her boyfriend, Raqesh Bapat. She had also asked Karan to make his girlfriend, Tejasswi, secure. Shamita had said to Karan:

“Let me make this clear to you, I have a boyfriend and I love him. Mujhe koi zarurat nahi hai aapke kareeb aane ki. Tell your girlfriend to be secure about this. I have a boyfriend. Mai usse bahot pyaar karti hu, woh mera wait kar raha hai.”


What do you think about Rakhi's comments on Karan's soft corner for Shamita? Let us know.

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