Rakhi Sawant On The Future Of Her Marriage With Hubby, Ritesh, 'Wants Legal Certificate To Continue'

In the latest episode of 'Bigg Boss 15', Rakhi Sawant got emotional while talking about the future of her marriage with her husband, Ritesh, and admitted that they're not legally married.


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Rakhi Sawant On The Future Of Her Marriage With Hubby, Ritesh, 'Wants Legal Certificate To Continue'

The queen of controversies, Rakhi Sawant's wedding with Ritesh, has always been questioned since day one inside the reality show, Bigg Boss 15. While earlier it was because she had kept her husband's identity hidden, things had changed completely after his first wife, Snigdha Priya, had come out in public.

A few weeks back, Ritesh's wedding picture with his first wife, Snigdha Priya, had gone viral on the internet, making people question his relationship with Rakhi Sawant. In the picture, Ritesh could be seen wearing a maroon sherwani with a red safa, and his first wife could be seen wearing a red and golden lehenga. Now, in the show's latest episode, Rakhi Sawant opened up about the future of her marriage with Ritesh.

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Rakhi Sawant Husband

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 15, RJ Karan and RJ Palak entered the house and grilled the contestants with some hard-hitting and personal questions. While for some contestants, it was a cakewalk, and for others, it turned out to be an emotional turmoil. One such contestant was Rakhi Sawant, who got emotional and a bit teary-eyed while talking about the future of her marriage with her husband, Ritesh. Confirming that she isn't legally married to Ritesh, the actress clearly stated that she will not stay with Ritesh until he gives her a marriage certificate. In her strong statement to RJs, Rakhi said:

"Don't feel pity on me Ritesh. If you think I am a good human being and deserve your love only then take this relationship ahead. I don't need sympathy, I want my rights as a wife. For that you will have to give me the certificate of marriage and I am ready to spend my entire life with you."

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Going further in her conversation with the RJs, Rakhi Sawant added that if Ritesh doesn't register their marriage in court and provide her with a legal marriage certificate, she will not hesitate to part ways with him. Rakhi admitted that she loves Ritesh but refuted the idea of being with him without a legal marriage. She stated:

"If you (Ritesh) can't get me the certificate I don't think I will be able to continue with this relationship. We will have to go separate ways."

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During her emotional conversation, RJ Karan and RJ Palak also told Rakhi Sawant that some of the housemates don't accept her marriage with Ritesh and are thinking that they both are faking it. Answering this, Rakhi got a bit emotional and stated that it's not the contestants' fault to think in that way because she and Ritesh didn't have a proper wedding with all the traditional Hindu rituals and wedding ceremonies. The actress also added that she had got married to Ritesh in a hotel room after checking his financial stability. She explained:

"It is not their fault. People get married and have proper mehndi, baarat, take pheras but nothing of that sort happened with me. Nobody even chose a guy for me and I got married in a hotel room behind closed doors. I checked his bank balance and passbook and said yes."

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