Rajkummar Rao Remembers Being Replaced By A Star-Kid Overnight, Remarks, 'You Cannot Do This'

Rajkummar Rao recalls feeling unfair when he got replaced at the last minute from an opportunity by a star-kid.


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Rajkummar Rao Remembers Being Replaced By A Star-Kid Overnight, Remarks, 'You Cannot Do This'

Rajkummar Rao is one of the finest actors in the entertainment industry at the moment, who has won everyone’s hearts with his finesse and exceptional prowess. With every successive film of his, Rajkummar has set the bar higher when it comes to his performance. Being an outsider to the film industry, the actor had to struggle a lot to reach the top of the ladder, including facing tremendous replacements and endless rounds of audition. And recently, he opened about one such experience.

Rajkummar Rao says he felt it was unfair to be replaced by a star kid overnight

In a recent interaction with filmmaker, Karan Johar, during a promotional event for his film, Mr & Mrs Mahi, Rajkummar Rao recalled a particular anecdote from his struggling time initially in his career. The actor stated how he felt it was unjustified when at the last moment, he got replaced by a star kid. In his words:

“In my case, what happened was, I was supposed to do a film. And then I was not in that film overnight. Somebody who's known and happened to be a star kid got that part. I would think, of course, that it's not fair. Just because you can control things, you know people, you cannot do this; it's unfair."

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Rajkummar once revealed how he was left with just Rs.18 in his bank while auditioning

In an earlier conversation with Ranveer Allahabadia, Rajkummar Rao reflected upon the dire realities he faced, as he struggled to make a name for himself in-between multiple audition rounds initially during his career. He mentioned how he sometimes retained only Rs. 18 in his pocket, with which he was forced to live through all day. He narrated:

“The most difficult time was facing financial difficulty and getting no work. My mother supported me a lot and when I would run out of money, she would arrange it and send. I remember once I was left with only Rs 18 in my account and that too in a city like Mumbai. I used to spend very frugally. We three used to live in one flat and I used to skip lunch and have one Parle Ji and Frooti for lunch. My lunch would cost me Rs 4 at the time.”


Rajkummar reminisced listening to motivational songs to lift his spirits

Moving forth in the same conversation, Rajkummar Rao then revealed how during those difficult times, he used to listen to motivational songs on his walkman, as he cycled in and around the multiple auditions he gave. Moreover, Rajkummar recalled that during his college days, since he wasn’t aware about free bus passes, he ended up cycling 70kms all day.

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Rajkummar Rao the first thing he purchased from his first-ever salary

Previously, in an interaction with Zakir Khan, Rajkummar Rao recalled the first income he brought home, an amount of Rs. 300. He explained that he got it for tutoring a small girl at her house. Adding what he got back home from that amount, the actor said:

“I still remember, I used to do Taekwondo. I was a national-level gold medalist. I had also picked dance in between. We had a group and we used to dance on stage. So I started giving dance tuition as well. And I earned money for the first time in the 8th standard. I used to teach a small girl, at her house. And I used to get paid 300 rupees. When I earned my first 300 rupees. I went to buy groceries for the house. And I bought small quantities of everything. Give me half kilos of lentils, give me this and this. And give me rice and sugar. And I gave it at home."


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