Raj Kundra Was Told 'Muh Dikhane Layak Nahi Raha' Post His Arrest, Here's What Shilpa Told Their Son

In an interview, Raj Kundra opened up about the hurtful comments he received after his arrest in the adult film racket case. Here's what Shilpa Shetty told their 11-year-old son, Viaan about the same.


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Raj Kundra Was Told 'Muh Dikhane Layak Nahi Raha' Post His Arrest, Here's What Shilpa Told Their Son

Businessman, Raj Kundra is all set to make his acting debut in the film, UT 69, which is based on his stay in jail. For the unversed, Shilpa Shetty's hubby, Raj had to tenure at the Arthur Road Jail in Mumbai for 63 days for his alleged involvement in an adult film racket case. However, he was granted bail in September 2021 by a metropolitan magistrate’s court. Now, in an interview, Raj talked about the hurtful media coverage against him that portrayed him as a disgraced person. He also shed light on how the comments never hurt him but affected his family. 

Raj Kundra reveals what Shilpa Shetty told their son, Viaan about the former's arrest

In an interview with The Indian Express, Raj Kundra opened up about his arrest and the media coverage which took a toll on him. He shared that it was a dizzying phase for him and his family. Raj added that while his daughter is too young to read stuff online, his 11-year-old son, Viaan looks up to him and trusts him. Revealing what his wife, Shilpa told Viaan about his father's arrest, Raj said:

“My daughter is too young to read stuff online, but my son is now 11… I am his hero. He trusts me, has faith in me. We tell him not to be worried, he is not on social media, so he won’t read comments. But you know friends talk… But I also know that at that age there is unity. He did ask Shilpa what happened, why, and how. She gave him an appropriate answer to give to an 11-year-old.” 

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Raj Kundra on why he didn't give clarifications about his arrest

When Raj Kundra was arrested, people commented on him and his family on social media. Talking about the same, Raj mentioned that they were just nameless and faceless keyboard warriors, who said negative about him. The businessman revealed that while he was hurt, Shilpa asked him to not give any reply to all the hateful comments. He was heard saying:

“It used to hurt me in the beginning, I wanted to reply, but Shilpa said, ‘Don’t complain, don’t explain. We know you haven’t done anything wrong, and if a guy comments and you reply, you are only going to give him attention. Let the law take its course, and when that happens, everyone will know you did no wrong'. But I disagree with it to some extent, because I feel when there is bad news, it is amplified and becomes front-page news, but when it is good news, it is reduced to a small column. There is no redemption there. Maybe this film will be my closure.”


Raj Kundra on feeling claustrophobic in masks

After coming out of jail, Raj Kundra rarely made a public appearance, and whenever he did, he was seen covering his face with masks. In the same interview, the businessman shared that initially, the idea was to limit media access to him, but then he started to play around with it. Recalling how people passed shameful remarks on him, Raj said:

“It feels good to be without the mask, it was claustrophobic for me, just like my life has been the last few years. It started off as just pain from the media stories, where I didn’t want to give access to anyone. Slowly, I started playing with it. I knew people were commenting stuff like, ‘Muh dikhane layak nahi raha, sharminda hai‘ but if that was the case, I wouldn’t have 70 different masks of various colours!"

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Raj Kundra wishes to get the clean chit from the court

However, Raj Kundra is still suffering in pain, as he cannot forget whatever was written or said about him in the media. He called all the reports yellow journalism and slammed the people for pronouncing someone guilty before the law decided it. He concluded:

“The pain has not gone away and won’t. There was yellow journalism in my case. It was unfair, don’t pronounce someone guilty before the law decides it. My final redemption will happen when the clean chit comes from the court."

raj kundra recalls being stripped in jail

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