6 Tips To Plan A Wedding Reception For Adults Only


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6 Tips To Plan A Wedding Reception For Adults Only

Are you planning an adults only wedding reception? If yes, then you definitely must be facing a dilemma about how to plan it without hurting your guests who have kids. Wedding is a happy occasion and you definitely do not want frowning faces and complaining guests at such a celebration. That is why, you have to keep certain points in mind while planning such a reception party. After all, this celebration is all about you, and you should do it whichever way you want to.

So, if you are wondering what kind of things you should keep in mind, then here are a few tips that you can follow to have a wedding reception only for adults.

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#1. Be courteous

Tips To Plan A Wedding Reception For Adults Only

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Be courteous while sending the invite. Do not simply mention ‘adults only’ or ‘no children please’ on the invitation. That will be rude and impolite. Instead, mention ‘Mrs. and Mr. Joshi’ on the card rather than ‘Mr. Joshi and family’. It will convey your message in the most appropriate way.

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#2. Spread the word

Tips To Plan A Wedding Reception For Adults Only

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If you have decided beforehand about an adults only reception, then ask your parents, in-laws and friends to spread the word about it. This will ensure that there will be no last minute fuss. You can even call your guests and give them a hint that kids will not be invited to the reception party for so and so reasons. Word of mouth is the best way to pass on the information. And, you can even employ your younger siblings to spread the news with social media.

#3. Hold your ground

Tips To Plan A Wedding Reception For Adults Only

Not every parent will be happy with the thought of leaving their children behind and attending the reception party. But since it is your day, you have the right to decide whom to call and whom not to. Just stick to your decision. No matter how close the person is, just do not let anyone force you to include their kids to your wedding. Make no exception under any circumstances.

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#4. Set the age limit

Tips To Plan A Wedding Reception For Adults Only

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But, if you have agreed to invite some kids at your wedding, then it is better to decide on the age limit, say 14 or 16 or whatever you like, to avoid any confusion among your guests. For instance, you can mention it in your invite that ‘children above 16 are welcome to the wedding with their parents’. Since they are your guests, you will be aware of the age of their kids. So, plan it carefully.

#5. Put it on your wedding website

Tips To Plan A Wedding Reception For Adults Only

If you have a wedding website, then mention it there that yours is an adults only reception party. You can even mention other details like dress code, venue, games (if any), functions and their timings. You can even suggest name and number of babysitters to help your guests with their kids.

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#6. Be ready to answer the ‘why not kids’ question

Tips To Plan A Wedding Reception For Adults Only

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Yes, be ready to answer this question with a good answer. Many parents will definitely be curious to know why the children are not invited for the reception. So, be prepared with some answers like budget constraints, or any other excuse. Do not give any lame excuse like ‘I did not want kids to be around my reception party to spoil the fun’, ‘It is my wish’, or any such vague and hurtful replies. Also, be sure that you, your spouse and your family members give the same justification to guests to avoid any awkward situation later.

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There is nothing wrong in organising an adults only reception. But, there is a basic etiquette that you should follow while inviting guests. And, with these tips, you can easily celebrate your reception just the way you have planned. So, follow them for a happy celebration.



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