6 Signs You Have Found Your Perfect Wedding Dress


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6 Signs You Have Found Your Perfect Wedding Dress

Every girl desires to look picture-perfect on her wedding day. And when she thinks of that moment, the first thought which crosses her mind is undoubtedly her wedding dress, of course! Every soon-to-be bride wants the prettiest wedding dress that would make her look nothing less than a royalty. And for this, she would go to any length and breadth of the country to find it. She goes crazy for the perfect cut, design and material. Not just herself, she even drives her friends and family nuts while dress hunting.

Be it a north Indian bride's wedding lehenga or south Indian bride's kanjeevaram silk saree- it just has to be perfect! Let us face the brutal fact here, wedding dress shopping is a hectic task! And even after going through a zillion options, she either feels overwhelmed or confused. But, how will a bride know if she has found that perfect wedding dress? If you are a soon-to-be bride who is going through this dilemma, then let us help you with the signs that would surely make you feel that you have found the perfect wedding dress for yourself!

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#1. You find yourself defending the dress when others try to find flaws

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So, you have found this beautiful attire, and just as you are trying it out, your friends/ relatives (accompanying you for the wedding shopping) start pointing out flaws in it. And, that is the moment, where you get all defensive. You start finding ways to put down that flaw. And doing so, you find yourself getting personally attached with the dress. You cannot bear anybody saying it is less than perfect. Ladies! Take a breather. This one is a sure shot sign; you have found your perfect wedding dress. Your mom may hate the colour or your friend think that the design is a little over-the-board. But, you do not give a damn at this point. You and the dress are a team now!

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#2. It compliments your figure

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You know you have found your perfect dress when suddenly it fits perfectly around your curves! It might need some stitching and altering, here and there. But, the cut and the design- all make perfect sense. And, you feel that the dress was carved out especially for you. Brilliantly hiding all the flaws, the dress boosts your best features. In simple words, it is perfect as it fits every inch of you.

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#3. It goes with your style

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Have a clear idea of your style. When looking out for a dress, explain the salesperson exactly about what you have in mind. It is up to you if you want to have a simple attire or want to experiment with classic styles, or have even a mix of both. Once, you find a piece of outfit perfectly suiting your style, there is nothing in the world that you will trade it with. Wedding dresses are a reflection of the bride’s personality. So, you can be sure if you find one dress that goes perfectly with your style.

#4. You start matching your accessories with it

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You realise that you have found the perfect wedding dress, when you have already started thinking about the jewellery and the hairstyle that would go wit it, even before paying the final bill. You can now be sure that you have made up your mind. Your mind has fixed the dress and moved on to other things of importance.

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#5. You start feeling like a goddess

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When you have found your perfect dress, you end up feeling like a goddess. You hold your head straight up, looking at the mirror not to judge yourself, but to think how beautiful you look. You know you look perfect and you know that others can feel it too. You walk around with a comfortable stride loving every bit of the outfit. You glow from within and have that goddess-like smile. You definitely have found your dress!

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#6. You do not notice the dress anymore- no really!

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Yes, you read it right! When you get the perfect dress- you wear it and look into the mirror, but you just do not see the dress anymore. You do not notice the details of the dress or scan to find minute faults. Just like a perfect foundation blending onto the face, your perfect dress will make you shine better than the dress. It will emphasize your beauty better. That is when you have met your perfect dress.

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Every bride is different, and so is her bridal wear. When the dress mirrors who you are, you feel confident. The right dress will speak to you. If you love it, wear it!

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