Patricia Narayan: Love Marriage At 17, Abusive Husband, Sold Tea At 50 Paise, Rs 100 Crore Net Worth

Meet Patricia Narayan, who is the founder of Sandeepha Hotels and Restaurants, which generates a revenue of Rs. 2 lakhs per day. Here's everything you need to know about her rags-to-riches story.


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Patricia Narayan: Love Marriage At 17, Abusive Husband, Sold Tea At 50 Paise, Rs 100 Crore Net Worth

Patricia Narayan is an Indian businesswoman, whose entrepreneurial journey is one of the most underrated success stories in the startup industry. Despite the fact that she never went to any business school and still managed to build a restaurant chain worth crores in Chennai, it is a success story that deserves so much recognition. Not only this, Patricia also suffered a lot on the personal front, but despite all the setbacks, she transformed her tragedy into a treasure.

An entrepreneurial story that is full of ups and downs but is the epitome of a ‘never give up’ attitude. So, without further anticipation, let’s get inside the entrepreneurial journey of Patricia Narayan, who is the founder of the Sandeepha chain of hotels and restaurants.

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Founder of the Sandeepha chain of hotels, Patricia Narayan’s parents and family background

Patricia Narayan was born in a conservative family, and even to this, it is not known whether she had completed her schooling or not. According to multiple reports, Patricia’s family was not financially sound, which is one of the biggest reasons why she couldn’t get the chance to study and set a dream for herself. However, things worsened after she decided to get married at the age of 17.

When Patricia Narayan broke ties with her parents to marry her boyfriend

However, at quite an early age, Patricia fell in love with a boy from a different religion. When she told her parents about their relationship, they immediately disagreed and even warned Patricia that they’d disown her. Well, Patricia was in love and had the utmost trust in Narayan, which is why she left her parents and got married to the love of his life, Narayan, at the mere age of 17. It was an inter-religion marriage, and as soon as the news of their marriage reached Patricia’s parents, they broke all ties with their daughter.

Patricia’s husband, Narayan turned abusive and became a drug addict

After breaking all ties with her family, Patricia was living with her husband, Narayan. Because it was an inter-caste marriage, Patricia’s in-laws never accepted her as their daughter-in-law. Hence, both of them were on their own. Soon, cracks started appearing in their marriage after Narayan left his job and started taking drugs.

Along with drugs, Narayan started beating Patricia multiple times for no reason. As Patricia and Narayan were left with no money, things kept worsening with time. There came a point when no money was left in the house, as Narayan had spent it all on his drug addiction.

When Patricia was pregnant and thought of committing suicide

Despite pleading and requesting her husband to stop consuming drugs, when Narayan didn’t listen to her and kept on abusing her, it was when Patricia thought of committing suicide. The reason why she was thinking of ending her life was because she was reportedly pregnant with their second child, and with no financial support from her husband, she knew that it would be a disaster to give birth to a baby in such circumstances.

Patricia Narayan started selling tea and snacks at Marina Beach

After the birth of her second child, Patricia Narayan decided to live for her kids and dropped the idea of committing suicide once and for all. Soon, she decided to turn her interest in cooking into a business.

With no financial backing from her husband, parents, in-laws or relatives, Patricia Narayan started selling tea, coffee, jams, and cutlets at Marina Beach. In the beginning, she used to sell a cup of coffee for just 50 paise. However, with time, she started gaining a lot of customers as people started loving her snacks and food.

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Patricia Narayan’s entrepreneurial journey: From earning Rs. 50 per day to generate revenue of Rs. 2 lakhs per day

There came a point in Patricia Narayan’s entrepreneurial journey when she thought of expanding her business and took a loan of Rs. 50,000. With the money, she started a small food business. Patricia introduced South Indian food such as Idli, Dosa, Vada and more at her shop.

Once again, people were in love with Patricia Narayan’s food corner. In order to expand her business and promote it to further heights, she joined hands with office canteens, events and parties.

It was a good strategic move, promoting Patricia’s snacks business to further heights. According to reports, as of now, Patricia’s hotels and restaurants generate an estimated revenue of Rs. 2 lakhs per day.

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Patricia Narayan named her hotels and restaurants after her daughter’s name

When everything was going in full swing, Patricia suffered a major blow on the personal front, as her husband, Narayan passed away. Unfortunately, soon after the tragic demise of her husband, Patricia’s daughter and her son-in-law too, passed away in an accident.

The entrepreneur was on her knees once again. But this time, she didn’t go on her knees as she knew that she had to continue her business for herself, her employees, and her son.

After some years of her daughter’s demise, Patricia Narayan opened multiple hotels and restaurants in the city and named them Sandeepha Hotels and Restaurants in loving memory of her late daughter.

Patricia Narayan’s net worth

Despite having no formal education and no MBA degree, Patricia Narayan turned her life upside down with courage and determination. There was a time when she had no money and was on the verge of committing suicide, but as of now, Patricia has an estimated net worth of Rs. 100 crores. Yes! You read it right.

Once in an old interview, Patricia Narayan was asked to share how she managed to run a successful business without going to a business school. In response to it, Patricia stated that her time at Marina Beach was her business school. The entrepreneur took all the learning about business and money from the hardships of life, proving there’s no bigger teacher in this world than life.

What are your thoughts on Patricia Narayan’s journey? Let us know.

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