Nora Fatehi Reveals Being Bullied By Male Superstars, Shares Most Bollywood Couples Marry For Fame

Nora Fatehi revealed on 'The Ranveer Show' about being bullied by male superstars. She also talked about Bollywood couples, who married for fame and money.


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Nora Fatehi Reveals Being Bullied By Male Superstars, Shares Most Bollywood Couples Marry For Fame

Nora Fatehi has been in the Indian entertainment industry for almost a decade now. She started her career with the 2014 film, Roar: Tigers Of The Sunderbans and has worked in several other Hindi, Telegu, and Malayalam films. Apart from her acting stints, Nora is also popular for her dancing skills. Moreover, the 32-year-old was most recently seen in Kunal Kemmu’s directorial debut, Madgaon Express, and received much appreciation for her role in the film.

Nora Fatehi talks about the bullies in the film industry

After being in the industry for quite some time, Nora finally opened up about the bullies in the Indian film industry, among plenty of other things, as she appeared on Ranveer Allahbadia’s podcast. As the episode began, the two talked about the energies or aura of people around them, and continuing the conversation, Nora started talking about how major superstars in the industry had disrespected her.

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Nora further explained that she met with people who would make her feel uncomfortable as their ‘energies and intentions’ were not good. She also revealed that there are some men in the industry who want women closer to them, and succeed over her. Sharing her experience on The Ranveer Show, the actress recalled:

“I've met other stars who have not been like that who have been very disrespectful very mean just like kind of like borderline bullies. Their body language won't be very welcoming, their facial expressions, their taunting, their jokes, they'll say things behind your back. I'm intimidating at the end of the day some people don't get it they don't understand how come her why not our girls? So much of that happens, and they get so angry, and also, a lot of them don’t like my directness.”

Nora Fatehi reveals that most couples in the industry get married for clout

Further in the conversation with Ranveer, Nora also shared her thoughts on Bollywood marriages. She said that many couples in the industry claim to be in love just to stay relevant. Nora added that people get married to someone as the other person might have a few films releasing in the coming years, and to take advantage of that fame, they decide to get married. Tagging them as ‘calculative’, Nora said:

“I see it in my industry people get married for clout. People use these wives or husbands for networking and for circles, for money, for relevance even. They think, 'I have to marry that person so I can stay relevant for the three years because she has a few films releasing and they were doing well at the box office, so I have got to ride that wave'. People are that calculative. Those are predators, too.”

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Nora Fatehi shares how people in the industry destroy their lives for money and fame

Nora further discussed how these people would destroy their whole lives for money and fame. She said that people in the industry have been getting married for fame more than love, just to stay in the right circles. The actress also questioned how one can sacrifice one's personal life for their career. Highlighting the difference between work and personal life, Nora said:

“These guys and girls will destroy their whole life for money, fame and power. Nothing is worse than getting married to someone that you don't even love and then living with them for years, most of the people in our industry are here doing that nonsense. Just because they want to be in the right camp and circles. They want to be relevant because they don't know where their career is going to go. So, they need some backup plan. I don't understand sacrificing your personal life, mental health and happiness because work is work, home life and personal life is something else. You can't mix them both because then you will never be happy.”

Check out the interview here.

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