Nora Fatehi Bashed Feminism And Stated How Women Should 'Be Nurturers, Take Care Of Kids And Cook'

On Ranveer Allahabadia's podcast, Nora Fatehi bashed the idea of feminism and said she doesn't believe in 'not marrying' or living 'independently'.


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Nora Fatehi Bashed Feminism And Stated How Women Should 'Be Nurturers, Take Care Of Kids And Cook'

Nora Fatehi has come a long way from a young girl in Bigg Boss 9 to a celebrated dancer and actress. She enjoys a massive fan following, who are in awe of her latke-jhatke. Believe it or not, she is enjoying the best phase of her life, paying her own bills and taking care of her entire family. However, despite being one of the most successful actresses, Nora doesn't believe in the idea of feminism, living independently their whole life, and that women don't need men.

Nora Fatehi talked about feminism and stated how it ruined society

Recently, Nora Fatehi appeared on Ranveer Allahabadia's podcast, wherein she shared her unfiltered self with the world, talked about insecurities and shared her thoughts on feminism. Speaking to Ranveer, Nora clearly stated that a lot of men had been brainwashed by feminism. She also expressed how a man should be a breadwinner and women should focus on being nurturers. She said:

"This idea of I don't need anybody. Feminism. I don't believe in it. In fact, I think, feminism ruined our society completely. The idea of being inherently completely independent and not having to get married and have kids and not having the male and female dynamics at home where the man is the provider, a breadwinner and the woman is the nurturer. I don't believe in people who think that's not true. I think women are nurturers, yes, they should go to work and have their own life and be independent but to a certain extent."

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Nora further added that a man should be a provider, a supporter and ready to take a protective role. She stated that if men can work on being protectors, women can work on being nurtures and taking care of the house and being mothers, cooking etc. She said:

"A lot of men now have also been brainwashed by feminism era...if a man can work on being more of a provider, and protector, the women can then focus on being more of the nurturer. Everyone brings something to the table. If you are bringing to the table money, food, shelter, I need to bring to the table kids, being a mother, taking care of the house, cooking, etc. If we are bringing the same thing to the table, then who's going to bring the other stuff?"

When Nora Fatehi talked about facing bully

In the same podcast, Nora talked about people trying to bully her in the industry. She stated that she has met stars, who have been extremely disrespectful and acted as bullies. She stated that how they would taunt, joke and say things behind her back. Nora also added that people don't like her direct approach towards work and life. She said:

“I've met other stars who have not been like that who have been very disrespectful very mean just like kind of like borderline bullies. Their body language won't be very welcoming, their facial expressions, their taunting, their jokes, they'll say things behind your back. I'm intimidating at the end of the day some people don't get it they don't understand how come her why not our girls? So much of that happens, and they get so angry, and also, a lot of them don’t like my directness.”

What do you think about Nora's idea about feminism?

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