Nita Ambani Was Told She Could Never Become A Mother At The Age Of 23, This Is How She Dealt With It

Nita Ambani had shared how she had always wanted to become a mother and would write essays on becoming a mother in school. Read on to know the entire details inside.


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Nita Ambani Was Told She Could Never Become A Mother At The Age Of 23, This Is How She Dealt With It

‘Sarvagunn Sampanna’- are the two terms that fit perfectly if we begin to describe the gorgeous Ambani entrepreneur, Nita Ambani. Be it chairing her husband’s business, chalking out innovative ideas, walking that ‘extra mile’ to ensure how things could be made better, deeply involved in social work, entertaining guests at a party through her terrific dance performance and doing all the planning for her kids' grand weddings, we bet that you cannot think of a quality that Nita Ambani doesn’t have!

While we had seen most of Nita Ambani during the IPL matches, often making way for the loudest cheer in the room, it was during her twin kids- Isha Ambani and Akash Ambani’s wedding, that the world saw a completely different avatar of the gorgeous celebrity. Nita Ambani is a complete hands-on mother and we have seen many instances wherein Isha Ambani Piramal had shared how their mommy brought them up. But do you know, there came a time after Mukesh Ambani and Nita Ambani's marriage when Nita Ambani was told that she couldn’t become a mother? Yes, you read that just right.

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A throwback 2011 iDiva report contained details of the same. Nita Ambani had shared how she had always wanted to become a mother and would write essays on becoming a mother in school. Speaking about the same, Nita Ambani had revealed,

“Becoming a mother. A few years after I got married, I was told by the doctors that I would never have children. Even when I was in school, I would write long, copious essays titled, ‘When I’ll be a mother…’ Here I was at the age of 23 being told that I would never conceive. I was shattered. However, with the help of Dr Firuza Parikh, who is one of my closest friends, I first conceived my twins!”

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The same report also had it that Nita had a traumatic pregnancy. She had given birth to twins conceived through IVF, two months earlier than the assumed time. However, three years later, Anant Ambani was born to her naturally. While it was a smooth pregnancy, the humongous pregnancy weight gain had taken a toll on her. Speaking about the same, she had revealed,

“Everything was double magnified. I was so overjoyed at being a mum that I had let myself go.”

Nita Ambani

In an interview with Vogue magazine, Isha Ambani Piramal, too had also revealed that she and her brother, Akash Ambani were born via In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)! Speaking about the same, Isha had shared,

“My parents had us after seven years of marriage—my twin Akash and I were IVF babies. When my mother finally had us she wanted to be a full-time mum initially. Later, she went back to work when we were five, but she was still a tiger mom.”

isha and Akash Ambani

Isha Ambani Piramal had also revealed the role of her mother, Nita Ambani when she and her siblings were growing up and also spoke about the usual mom-daughter fights,

“I remember, whenever mom and I had fights, we’d call dad to resolve the issue. My mom was way stricter. If we wanted to bunk school, dad would be like “It’s no big deal” but mom would ensure we ate on time, studied hard and got our playtime as well. My grandparents (paternal and maternal) and my maasi played a huge role in bringing us up.”

Ambanis with Famous Bollywood stars

Nita Ambani had also revealed some interesting accounts of how she raised her children when they were growing up, instead of them being ‘the Ambanis’,

“When my kids were still young, I’d give them Rs 5 each every Friday to spend in the school canteen. One day, my youngest, Anant, came running into my bedroom and demanded he be given Rs 10 instead. When I questioned him, he said his pals in school laughed whenever they saw him take out a five-rupee coin saying, ‘Ambani hai ya bhikari!’ Mukesh and I couldn’t help but crack up.”

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Apart from being a wonderful mother and a wife, Nita Ambani has been leading various Reliance enterprises. Speaking about what Isha Ambani Piramal has learned from her mother and her attitude towards women at her workplace, the multi-millionaire heiress had shared in the Vogue interview,

“As much as I want to believe that women can have it all, I know that my mom gave it all up to raise us. But once we grew up, I also saw her balance work and home perfectly. Watching her play all these different roles—from full-time mom to businesswoman—I learned how important each facet is in a woman’s life and how one needs to define what “having it all” means during these different stages. I feel very passionately about gender equality and equal participation in the workforce because growing up I was made to believe that I could do whatever my brothers could do, as well if not better. So as a working woman, I believe that companies must create an environment that fosters equal participation.”

Smt Nita Ambani with her daughter Isha Ambani along with Former First Lady Hillary Clinton at Swadesh Bazar

Isha Ambani Piramal had also spoken about her star family and handling business disagreements. She had shared,

“We are a family-owned business but that does not mean we are family-run. With my mother in school, I work for her. Similarly, with my father at Reliance, I work for him. So it’s like any boss-and-subordinate relationship, but we always discuss everything in a healthy and open way. I definitely cannot be making any decision in isolation. We have to take calls in a responsible and data-driven way and we also have the management and boards to answer to. In a professionally-run ecosystem, there is no place for personal disagreements.”

Well, that suffices all! Nita Ambani, more power to you!

Images source: Isha Ambaninitaambaniofficial, Article Source: IDiva
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