Nisha Rawal's Brother, Rohit Satia Reveals Karan Mehra Has A Girl In His Life, Her Initials Are 'MM'

Nisha Rawal's 'rakhi-brother', Rohit Satia, shockingly shared a revelation about Karan Mehra's personal life, as he stated that the actor is having an affair with a girl whose initials are 'MM'.


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Nisha Rawal's Brother, Rohit Satia Reveals Karan Mehra Has A Girl In His Life, Her Initials Are 'MM'

Popular Television actor, Karan Mehra and his estranged wife, Nisha Rawal have been in the headlines for some time now, courtesy to their legal battle that is filled with twists and turns. The estranged couple has also been quite vocal to the media and shared the reason for their separation. For instance, a few days back, Karan had organised a press conference and accused his estranged wife of having an affair with her rakhi brother, Rohit Satia.

Now, in a recent interview with a news portal, Rohit Satia shockingly revealed a major revelation about Karan Mehra's personal life, as he stated that the actor is having an affair with a girl, whose initials are 'MM'. Scroll down to read it all!

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In a conversation with ETimes, Rohit Satia talked about the accusations and allegations made by Karan Mehra against him. Rohit admitted that he knew Nisha long before, even when her estranged husband came into his life. However, he dismissed the rumours and speculations of him having an affair with his rakhi sister, Nisha, and he clearly stated his wife would never allow him to come home if he really had an affair with the actress. Although Rohit dodged most of the questions because of the fact that it was a legal matter, he still made a shocking confession about Karan, as he revealed that the latter had an affair with a girl, whose initials are 'MM'. Reflecting on the same, he said:

"Well, I knew Nisha much before Karan came into her life. I am right now in Lucknow with my wife (Nidhi) and kid. If a man is having an affair outside his marriage, would his wife allow him to come home? There's something I am giving out here. Ask Karan who is MM. Those are the initials I am giving out. There's a girl MM in his life. I am not revealing her name now."

After Karan Mehra Accused Nisha Of Having Affair With 'Rakhi Bhai', Rohit, His Wife Confronts Her

Going further in the same interview, Rohit Satia also admitted that the girl in Karan Mehra's life is one of the biggest reasons behind his separation from Nisha Rawal. He also recalled the exact date when Nisha and Karan had called him and told him about their decision to separate from each other. When Rohit was asked whether he had done Nisha's kanyadan at her wedding. Answering this, Rohit shared that he had done a rasam that was about a brother but confirmed that he was not the one, who did Nisha's kanyadan. He shared:

"She (MM) was one of the reasons. And I must tell here that Nisha and Karan both had called me to Mumbai on May 28, 2021. They had called me because they wanted to separate. I was present at the Nisha-Karan wedding. I don't remember about the kanyadan. I did one brother ka ritual. I think Nisha's mama (maternal uncle) had done her kanyadan."

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It was on August 4, 2022, when Karan Mehra had opened up about his estranged wife, Nisha Rawal's affair with her brother, Rohit Satia. The actor had organised a press conference and had shared that he hadn't seen his son, Kavish, for more than 14 months. Karan had further mentioned that it was in November 2021 when he managed to get a glimpse of Kavish, and his little son had told him that he misses him. This is why Karan had collected all the evidence and opened up about the toxic environment in which Kavish was growing up. Reflecting on the same, he had stated:

"On one side brother-sister relationship is, on one side you are doing Kanyadan. I could not tell all this earlier, all these things happened to me last year. If I said at that time, everyone would say that the wife has accused them, then in return they have said the same. It took 14 months to gather all the evidence. All this has happened in front of my child. Rohit Sathia has been living with Nisha for the last 14 months. Nisha's mother is also staying with her. Bhai-Bahan Ka Rishta Pavitra Rishta Hota Hai. But in this situation it has become a joke."

Well, it will be interesting to see how Karan Mehra is going to react after Rohit Satia shared details of his affair with a mysterious girl.

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