Nisha Rawal On Facing Difficulties Of Being Single Parent, Says 'Go Through Mom's Guilt Everyday'

Karan Mehra's estranged wife, Nisha Rawal opened up about her struggle of being a single parent. She also mentioned how her separation is a boon for her. Read on to know more!


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Nisha Rawal On Facing Difficulties Of Being Single Parent, Says 'Go Through Mom's Guilt Everyday'

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai fame, Karan Mehra and his estranged wife, Nisha Rawal has been hitting the headlines with their divorce proceedings for quite some time now. For the unversed, the duo had tied the knot on November 24, 2012, and had embraced parenthood for the first time with their son, Kavish Mehra on June 15, 2017. However, the year 2021 had come as a storm in their marital life as they had decided to get separate and part ways.

Not only that, Nisha Rawal had also filed a domestic violence FIR against her estranged husband, Karan Mehra. And in May 2021, the star wife had claimed that Karan was having an extramarital affair and when she had confronted him, he had got angry and had thrashed her head on a wall. Since then, Nisha has been fighting with Karan for their son, Kavish's custody over several court proceedings, and she is also raising the kid single-handedly.

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Karan Mehra, Nisha Rawal and Kavish Mehra

In an interview with the ETimes TV, Nisha Rawal opened up about raising her 5-year-old son, Kavish Mehra single-handedly. She mentioned that nurturing a human being inside and outside the body is a kind of blessing and miracle to her. Talking about the several helping hands, i.e., her parents, her staff and many more, whose help is a significant step in raising her kid. Adding that she has no complaints about being a single parent, she said:

"Motherhood has definitely been a splendid journey. I feel it has added more value to my life. I’ve a bigger purpose, nurturing a human being inside and then outside your body. It is nothing short of a blessing and a miracle that I witness everyday. They say it takes a village to raise a kid and I’ve a village with me. My staff, my mother, that support is very important. Now that I am a single parent, I always say that it takes two people to make a baby, so it takes two to raise one. But you know sometimes in life you are at a stage, when you come across challenges, you land up being a single parent. I have no complaints whatsoever because it is a very big boon to me and I feel privileged to take care of my child."

Going further in the confession, Nisha was asked whether her child is happy to be just with his mother. To this, the loving mommy mentioned that she prefers to keep him in a happy and healthy environment rather than in a toxic one. However, Nisha revealed that she also goes through mom's guilt every day when she used to shoot for a television show for more than 12 hours. She also added that since she can't be around Kavish at times when her kid needs her, this makes her heart heavy. Talking about the same, she added:

"I don’t think I want it any other way because it is always better that a child is in a happy and healthy environment than to expose him to a toxic environment. I think balancing and managing comes naturally. When you love someone, the effort that you put in becomes effortless. I have also faced the in-famous mom's guilt and I go through it everyday especially when I shoot for a television show for 12 hours. Plus it takes a lot of time travelling to the sets in Mumbai. So everyday I used to think that if I am not seeing him playing, spending time with him, when he gets hurt I am not around, I am not giving him bath or feeding him lunch or dinner, or taking him to the doctor when he is unwell, am I really getting to witness his childhood or am I being a good mother. But at the end of the day we have to choose and prioritise."

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Talking about the difficulties of being a single mother, Nisha mentioned that since she has to get money and food for her family, she had to choose between being physically present with Kavish or not. She explained how her staff helps her in this process, and the loving mommy also manages to take some time out from her hectic schedule. She retorted:

"I have to also bring food to my family and take care of my child. So, I have to make a choice, to be physically present with him and micro-manage things or go out and work for my family. When I go to work I earn money and can hire staff for my child and can send him to a good school and make a good eco-system. That's more important. But at the same time I make sure to take out time for him. Even if I have 10-15 minutes before going to work we make sure to exchange love, compassion and respect."

At the end of the confession, Nisha Rawal talked about her worries about managing her everyday expenses. Adding that the thought used to always be in her mind all the time, she mentioned the unpredictability in her career so far and concluded:

"Yes, I do get worried at times how I will manage expenses and how I will do everything all alone. From the time I wake up everyday to the time I get to bed, that thought is always on my mind. But you have to push back these thoughts. I take the support of the same thought and apply force to it to move forward. It is important to have the right amount of challenges in life to value and have gratitude towards life. I won't lie that it doesn't worry me, it does because in our profession everything is so unpredictable. I might do a big show, but not have any work for a couple of years, it happens with a lot of people. There is a lot of unpredictability but my life so far has been good. I've learnt many things from life. In life you have to stay positive and accept that you don't have a choice, you might do things gracefully and with dignity."

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What do you think about Nisha's struggle of being a single parent?

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