5 Amazing Things You Can Learn From 'Balika Vadhu' Fame Neha Marda's Long Distance Marriage


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5 Amazing Things You Can Learn From 'Balika Vadhu' Fame Neha Marda's Long Distance Marriage

Neha Marda, does this name ring any bells in your mind? Yes or no? If not, then maybe if I tell you that I’m talking about Gehna from Balika Vadhu, you will know whom I am talking about.

The coy Gehna that we saw in Colors’ most loved show is not actually quiet and shy. In fact, Neha Marda, is a very bright and confident, almost opposite to her character in Balika Vadhu.

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Doli Armaanon Ki

Image Courtesy: Doli Armaanon Ki

Now that we have told you about the vadhu (bride), let us also tell you something about her real life var (groom). Yes, she is married! Her husband is a Patna-based businessman named Ayushman Aggarwal. Neha and Ayushman had an arranged marriage on 10 February 2012; their parents played matchmakers.

Neha Marda/Instagram

Image Courtesy: Instagram

But, interestingly and surprisingly, although theirs is not a love marriage, it is no less than a fairytale too. There are many things that we can learn from them, and we have a list of all those things ready. Here it goes.

#1. Arranged marriages can convert into love marriages after the wedding

Like I said, Neha had an arranged marriage, and by the looks of it, she is happy in her married life as one should be. She loves her husband to bits.

Neha Marda
Image Courtesy: Youtube

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In an interview with a leading tabloid, Neha said about Ayushman:

"Ayushman was my parents' choice. I noticed that his family liked me and I felt comfortable with them too from the time we met.  So my ‘yes’ came easy. I didn't want to marry within the industry and also was looking for someone who could be as similar to my father as possible.. It was never important for me to have a love marriage. It's not that I'm against love marriage...I just wanted a happy married life, be it from a love marriage or an arranged one."

That’s such a progressive and mature approach towards marriage, don’t you think? It is not always about whether you knew the person before you them or not. The most important thing in a marriage is compatibility, and we can see that in abundance in this amazing couples’ relationship.

#2. Long distance marriages make the heart grow fonder

Neha Marda/Instagram

Image Courtesy: Instagarm

The next two most important things in a marriage are understanding and trusting your partner. Until and unless you empathise with your partner’s feelings, you cannot have a successful marriage. Moreover, all that long distance relationships are based on are trust and understanding. It is very interesting to know that Neha and Ayushman’s marriage is a long distance one. And trust me, when I say this, they are handling it very well.

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About this, Neha says:

"I visit Patna thrice a month and Ayushman comes to see me for eight to ten days a month in Mumbai. We manage to stay together for about a fortnight in a month."

Neha Marda/Instagram

Image Couretsy: Instagram

Neha thinks this is a very good arrangement, and this is possible only because of the tremendous support from her entire family.

She adds:

"It is better if you are together for 15 days and away for a fortnight. This maintains the balance in the relationship and keeps things fresh and new. Whenever we meet, there is always that need to see each other and chat till wee hours in the morning,"

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That’s so cute! Neha and her beau know how important it is to trust each other in a long distance marriage and that is what makes her marriage a dream union. She emphasis:

"When a couple is not staying together, there is always a scope for mistrust. This can actually end a marriage. Both partners must take each other into confidence and discuss out everything. Being open about everything is very important for our marriage - more so because of the nature of my work. Luckily, Ayushman understands me, my work and its complications. And I too take care of even the smallest of things to avoid any misunderstanding and go that extra mile to clarify any situation or event."

Neha Marda/Instagram

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Well said, girl. It is indeed very important to keep your ego aside and discuss things openly.

#3. Mom-In-Laws are not (always) after your lives

Mother-in-laws around the world are dreaded people, ones who are constantly after you for the smallest of things, right? Wrong! Atleast in Neha’s case. As per the Doli Armaanon Ki actress herself, her dearest MIL is a sweetheart. She dotes on her daughter-in-law and spoils her whenever she visits Patna, her husband’s hometown.

Neha Marda/Instagram

Image Courtesy: Instagram

She is treated like a daughter by her in-laws. She received a BMW as her first anniversary present from her mother-in-law, and an Audi and a Jaguar for the second and third one, respectively! Well, lucky girl, Neha!

#4. You can be your Dad-In-Laws little girl just like you are your own daddy’s

Neha is as attached to her husband’s father as she is to her own. Infact she is more comfortable talking to FIL than her own dad!  She says that he treats her like a little princess and pampers her a lot. Although he doesn’t like her travelling so frequently and wants her to stay in Patna, he never stops her from doing what she likes. Such a fatherly thing to do!

Neha Marda/Instagarm

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Interestingly, Neha does not take care of her own income. Her finances are handled by her FIL. She discloses:

"My father-in-law handles my income and no one in the family knows how much I earn. I even seek his opinion before signing up any show.. Dad invests for me and this works for me just fine."

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#5. Career does not end after wedding, sometimes it becomes better

Neha Marda/Instagram

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Neha got married to Ayushman in 2012 and took a two-year break to concentrate on her personal life. She returned to the small screen with Doli Armaanon Ki and that too with the support and push from her mother-in-law.

Neha Marda/Instagram

Image Courtesy: Instagram

She divulges, that her mom-in-law was the main reason behind her return to TV. She wanted Neha to pursue her career and was very happy for her screen presence.

Neha explains:

"My mother-in-law wants me to be independent. She thinks getting married and being a housewife is not the be-and-endall of a woman's life...She must do something creative."

One lucky girl she is, touchwood!

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Neha Marda/Instagarm

Image Courtesy: Instagram

These are some things that make Neha and Ayushman’s marriage an ideal and happy one.  Take inspiration from these cuties and make your married life blissful too. Tell us your thoughts about Gehna and her real life hubby in the comments below.

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