Nawazuddin Siddiqui's Ex-Wife, Aaliya On Her Decision Of Not Marrying New BF: 'Bahut Sukoon Hai'

In an interview, Nawazuddin Siddiqui's ex-wife, Aaliya opened up about her love story with her new boyfriend within 3 months of divorce with the actor and their decision to not get married.


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Nawazuddin Siddiqui's Ex-Wife, Aaliya On Her Decision Of Not Marrying New BF: 'Bahut Sukoon Hai'

Nawazuddin Siddiqui and his ex-wife, Aaliya Siddiqui parted ways in March 2023 after a lot of ugly blame games. From Aaliya accusing Nawazuddin's mother of not letting her inside his property to the actor disowning his children and many more, the couple threw enough mud on each other before finally getting separated. And on June 5, 2023, within three months of her separation, Aaliya shared a picture with her new boyfriend and announced that she is in love again. Now, she opened up about her love story with her boyfriend and that they decided not to get married.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui's ex-wife, Aaliya reveals how she met her new boyfriend

In an interview with ETimes, Aaliya opened up about her new love life. However, she didn't agree to reveal her boyfriend's name apart from the fact that he is in the IT sector and comes from Italy. She mentioned that the duo met for the first time at a common friend's party, and the gorgeousness instantly liked his facial features. In Aaliya's words:

"I would still like to hold back his name. I had uploaded a picture with him. He is someone whom I said earlier, has given me immense emotional support. I met him at a friend's party. He was frequently looking at me. I could sense that he was liking me. But even I quite liked him there itself. He was sitting very quietly in a corner and speaking very gracefully with every guest. And, I quite liked his face; he has good features."

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Aaliya on how her new boyfriend seemed different from the ones who proposed to her post her divorce from Nawaz

After the party was over, Aaliya's friend was approached by her now-boyfriend for the former's contact number. Then, they started talking with each other, and it was Aaliya's eyes which attracted him more towards her. However, Aaliya also mentioned that her new boyfriend seemed different from the ones who proposed after her divorce from Nawaz. Talking about the multiple proposals she got so far, she felt her new BF is not the one who would try to take advantage of her. Aaliya said:

"No, not at the party. It happened much after that. He asked for my number from my friend. She gave it to him and then called me to ask if it was okay. I said 'No problem'. After some time, I got a call from him. He said he loves my eyes and he was attracted to me. So far, after my issues with Nawaz, many men had proposed a relationship and/or marriage. But I could never feel with them what I felt with this person. I don't know how but I could make out that he is not trying to take advantage of me."

Aaliya reveals she was in a relationship with her BF even before her divorce

In the same conversation, Aaliya was asked when her relationship with her BF started. To this, Nawaz's ex-wife mentioned that their relationship is one year old, and they continued their long-distance even when she was in Mumbai earlier. And after returning to Dubai, the two of them met and took their relationship to a serious point. Aaliya added:

"About a year ago. So we kept talking on the phone. And then, I was in Mumbai for a few months. The phone conversations continued and we decided that we should meet when I reach Dubai back. He asked me out. We have been dating since then. We go to cafes and chat, we sit at restaurants and eat together. He stays alone in Dubai and he is very focused on his work. That's another quality that I admire in him."

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Aaliya reveals she and her new BF have decided not to get married

Further, Aaliya was asked if marriage was on the cards for her in the near future. To this, she revealed that the duo has decided not to get married ever. Elaborating how the period is extremely beautiful for her, Aaliya mentioned:

"No. We have decided that this relationship is not with a tag. But we are clear that we want to stay with each other for the longest time possible. Bahut sukoon mil raha hai. Bahut acha lag raha hai. I have someone in my life who is very concerned about me and cares for me a lot."


In the same conversation, Aaliya also revealed other information about her relationship with her new boyfriend. She mentioned that the love of her life has been settled in Dubai for three years now, and he is planning a trip to Mumbai for a few days, which may happen soon. However, he has no knowledge that Aaliya's ex-husband, Nawaz is an actor. Aaliya also stated that she lives separately from her boyfriend. However, whenever she is in Dubai, they meet every day.

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