Nita Ambani's Diet Plan: From Breakfast To Dinner, Here's What Mukesh Ambani's Wife Eats And Drinks

Here's a deeper look at famous Indian philanthropist, Nita Ambani's daily routine and some habits she has followed for decades. So without further ado, let's get started!


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Nita Ambani's Diet Plan: From Breakfast To Dinner, Here's What Mukesh Ambani's Wife Eats And Drinks

Whenever we talk about Indian women in the context of philanthropy and business, there is one name that always makes the cut, and that name is none other than Nita Ambani. The famous philanthropist, founder of Dhirubhai Ambani International School, and director of Reliance Industries. The bahu of the Ambani family is reportedly the fourth wealthiest woman in India, with an estimated net worth of Rs. 21,000 crores.

Born on November 1, 1963, in Mumbai, Nita Ambani hails from a middle-class society, which is why she is one of the most humble celebrities in the world. The renowned businesswoman was also named in Forbes' list of 'the most influential women business leaders in Asia'. Apart from being a successful businesswoman, Nita is also a doting wife to the eighth richest person in the world, Mukesh Ambani. The couple is also blessed with three kids, Anant Ambani, Isha Ambani, and Akash Ambani.

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While everyone knows about Nita Ambani's wealth and stature as an entrepreneur and philanthropist in India, only a few are aware of the world-famous entrepreneur's daily routine. However, we have you covered, as we will explore the hidden practices and habits that she performs even to this day. So without further ado, let's get straight into it!

#1. Nita Ambani never skips her workout

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The famous businesswoman, Nita Ambani can still give a lot of young ladies a run for their money when it comes to her fitness and facial glow. Even at the age of 59, she still manages to steal the limelight with no effort at all. With her every public appearance, Nita Ambani makes a statement that gives tons of fashion goals to so many women out there. However, one prime reason behind it is her strict fitness routine.

If the reports are to be believed, Nita Ambani never skips her fitness session. Apart from hitting the gym, she also practices yoga and also prefers swimming to maintain her health and physique. Just like every fitness enthusiast in the world, Nita also takes care of her routine and hardly skips her workout sessions.

#2. Nita Ambani's breakfast is all about nuts, beetroot, and more

There's a famous saying that goes, "You are what you eat", and whether someone believes it or not, Nita Ambani has surely implemented it in her life quite strictly. The philanthropist follows a strict diet plan from breakfast to dinner in order to maintain her admirable physique, fitness, and health.

Starting with her breakfast, Nita prefers to have some dry fruits, which are rich in proteins, calcium, and vital micro-nutrients. Along with the dry fruits, Nita also adds an egg white omelette to her breakfast, which fulfils her body's need for nine essential amino acids and much more. Another important thing that needs to be mentioned here is that Nita consumes beetroot juice every day, as it helps maintain blood pressure, improves stamina, prevents cancer, and has endless health benefits.

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#3. Nita Ambani's lunch is a nightmare for people, who hate green vegetables

After a healthy breakfast, Nita Ambani makes sure not to let her energy levels drop, which is why she never skips her lunch. The entrepreneur loves to have some green veggies in order to keep her vitamin K, magnesium, vitamin B, and other essential nutrients in check. For her lunch, Nita sometimes also prefers to have vegetable soup, which is beneficial for the cell function in her body. Well, green vegetables and veggie soup also slow down the ageing process.

#4. Nita Ambani prefers a light but rich-in-health dinner

The famous philanthropist, Nita Ambani is a vegetarian and takes extra care of her dinner, as it is the second most important meal of the day, after breakfast. For the last meal of the day, Nita's dinner platter is filled with some green vegetables, sprouts, and soup. The businesswoman prefers to keep her dinner light as it enhances metabolism, controls weight, improves sleep, and has an exceptional effect on a person's overall health.

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#5. Nita Ambani always prefers fruits in between her meals

Just like every fitness enthusiast, Nita Ambani is also aware of the importance of eating fruits on a daily basis. The entrepreneur never skips a day without consuming fruits, as it's a vital part of her diet plan. Talking about the benefits of eating fruits, it helps reduce the risk of having a heart attack, improves eyesight, controls blood sugar, and decreases the risk of cancer in the human body. Stating the endless benefits, the reason why Nita Ambani relies so much on fruits is hopefully quite clear to everyone by now.

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#6. Nita Ambani flushes all the toxins with detox water

The hype around detox water is unparalleled. While some consider it a vital factor in their diet plan, many people consider its benefits as slightly exaggerated. While the eternal debate on detox water still continues to dominate the health industry, Nita Ambani is among many renowned personalities, who are in love with it. Many nutritionists have stated many beneficial health benefits of detox water. Some of them include benefits like enhancing digestion, acting as an energy booster, boosting immunity, improving skin texture, and much more.

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While we all are in awe of Nita Ambani's fitness, there's no doubt that the entrepreneur's dedication to following her strict diet plan is quite commendable. The philanthropist undoubtedly inspires everyone to opt for a healthy diet plan in their lives.

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