10 Bollywood Divas Who Are An Inspiration For Every Woman Out There


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10 Bollywood Divas Who Are An Inspiration For Every Woman Out There

Bollywood divas have always captured our interests and spiked our curiosity, in both reel and real life. Not only do they ignite our emotions with their talent on-screen, but some of them have also left an inspiring mark with their off-screen lives. Let us salute some of these powerful women in the Indian film industry.

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#1. Deepika Padukone

She is the ultimate superstar. Calm, composed, poised, elegant and classy are just a few words that describe her. Deepika battled depression and had the courage to come out in the open and talk about it. She did not hide what she went through and did everything she could to make people understand what depression really is. Apart from that, she has always had some very strong opinions on matters and she has never shied away from expressing them.

#2. Priyanka Chopra

Long before Priyanka was declared the most beautiful woman in the world, and went on to become a Bollywood star, she was just an average gawky kid with her own share of problems. Priyanka herself once said that as a student in a US school, she was called "browny" by fellow students, and had fingers pointed at her for being an Indian. Now, through not only her acting skills, but also her singing talent, she has gained immense recognition worldwide. The actress has carved a niche for herself in Hollywood after starring in some of the biggest movies in the West. The way, this ‘imperfect’ kid has transformed herself into one of the most beautiful and confident women, is inspirational for many.

#3. Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt is just 23, and one look at her filmography is enough to leave anyone impressed. This star kid has proved her mettle by displaying her awesome acting skills in movies like Highway and Udta Punjab. Despite being the daughter of one of the most influential directors in Bollywood, Alia has proved that she does not need a starry background to get work in Bollywood. She has worked in each and every movie of hers with dedication, and is an inspiration to many for the kind of success and fame she has achieved by her own accord at such a young age.

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#4. Kareena Kapoor

Kareena does not need any introduction. This woman has always been very vocal about her opinions. From marrying a man more than a decade older than her to carrying her pregnancy in the most awesome way, Kareena has never let the society affect her decisions. The actress who has done some very bubbly roles in her films, the most remembered being Geet from Jab We Met, is the same in real life too! Living life on her own terms, doing what makes her happy, breaking stereotypes and not giving a damn about what people say; Kareena has truly emerged as a very powerful figure for women.

#5. Ekta Kapoor

For Ekta it is apt to say- 'You love her or hate her, but you can definitely never ignore her'. She is the one who has proved that star kids are not just limited to follow their parents’ footsteps. Even though many say that most of her soap operas are regressive, we have to agree that she did revolutionise Indian television with her own saas-bahu formula, and did gain a strong fan following. Now she is also a successful film producer, who is known to give many young talents a deserving break in Bollywood. With movies like The Dirty PictureRagini MMS, Shor In The City, LSD and Once Upon A Time In Mumbai in her kitty, she is everywhere.

#6. Sushmita Sen

In a society where blood relations and getting married at the right age have always been given importance, it takes just one woman to break such traditions. This 41-year-old star is a happily single mom, who has adopted two beautiful daughters. Whether it is her acting career or personal life, Sushmita Sen is someone who has always broken away from the conformists' mould and tried to do something different. She is an independent woman, who does not shy away from expressing her views on anything and everything.

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#7. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

She is stunning, elegant, soft-spoken, and a diva who has carved an identity for herself not just in India, but all over the world. She has acted in a number of commercially and critically acclaimed films, has been awarded with the ‘Padma Shri’ award, and also has a number of international recognitions to her name. Without having a filmy background, she went on to rule Bollywood. She has definitely proved herself to be one of the most inspirational female icons from the movie industry.

#8. Madhuri Dixit-Nene

Madhuri Dixit-Nene has been named as one of the most inspiring female Bollywood icons, at the Bradford Inspirational Women Awards, in Bradford, UK. Madhuri has indeed proved herself as an actor and as a diva, both on and off- screen. She is currently seen as one of the most inspirational fashion icons in the country. What's more? She has ruled the number one position in the Bollywood for more than two decades. She got married when she was over 30 years of age, settled in Denver with her husband and two kids. She then came back to India more than a decade later and resumed her career with full elan and grace. Kudos to her!

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#9. Farah Khan

She makes leading men and women of Bollywood dance at her fingertips, literally! She has a 'riches to rags and again to riches’ story. Born into a filmy family, which saw bad times after her father’s films flopped. Farah always wanted to work in films. She found her place as a choreographer and went on to become a successful director as well, and more recently an actor. She married a guy who is 9 years younger to her. She became a mother of triplets at the age of 43, and had her babies through IVF. Farah has seen the highs and lows of life, and has always come out with a smile.

#10. Kangana Ranaut

This list cannot be complete without the name of the ‘Queen’ herself. She is a harbinger of one-woman movies in Bollywood. She has never minced her words, neither with media, nor with her co-stars. She has the courage to call spade a spade. She is definitely one of the most powerful women in Bollywood.

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These ladies are an inspiration for all the women out there. With their strong opinions and their talents they have proved that they are the golden women of Bollywood.

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