Mohena Kumari Singh Pens Down The Difficulties They Are Facing After Testing COVID-19 Positive

Despite all the precautions, Mohena Kumari Singh and her family tested positive for COVID-19. The actress pens down the difficulties she and her family are facing now. Details inside!


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Mohena Kumari Singh Pens Down The Difficulties They Are Facing After Testing COVID-19 Positive

There is a huge rise in the cases of Coronavirus, with staying at home and at a safe distance being the only way we have forward. Though the lockdown has started to unlock with everything getting back to normal, the real question is that is it really going back to normal? The virus is here to stay, the virus has not been kicked out yet and it seems people will have to learn to live with it. The vicious virus has taken away many lives and now with the unlock 1, the cases are sure to increase on a rapid rate. However, your safety is in your hands, but that also doesn’t guarantee if you will be infected or not. You just have no clue what is going to make you come in contact with the virus. Something similar has happened with TV actress, ace dancer and choreographer and real-life princess, Mohena Kumari Singh, who was tested positive for Coronavirus along with her family and staff. (Also Read: Raj Singh Arora Asks His GF, Pooja Gor Whether She Had Cut 'Dhokla' Or 'Cake' On Her 29th Birthday)

Mohena Kumari Singh can be a prime example to depict that masks and distance is not the only way forward. The virus can affect you even after all the precautions. It was only a few days back when the TV actress had posted a picture with her husband, Suyesh Rawat, when they had stepped out to buy grocery wearing the protective shields, calling it the new normal. Sharing the selfie, Mohena had captioned it as “Grocery shopping wear #thenewnormal.” And now, despite all the precautions, the actress and her family have been tested positive for COVID-19.

Mohena Kumari Singh and Suyesh Rawat

Mohena Kumari Singh took to her Instagram handle to pen down the difficulties the entire family is facing after testing positive for the vicious virus. She wrote, “Can't sleep. These initial days have been difficult for all of us at home especially our young one and our elders. But I'm praying it'll all be over soon. We are fine. We have no rights to complain about anything as there are people out there who are suffering way more than us.” She also thanked everyone for their love and support, and added, “But I'd like to thank you each one of you for all the messages, prayers and love you'll have been sending. It's keeping our spirits up. And we have so much gratitude in our hearts for you'll. Thank you all." Take a look at her message below:

Mohena Kumari Singh

It was in an interaction with SpotboyE that the actress had confirmed the reports of being tested positive. Confirming the reports, Mohena had elaborated, “Right now we are in the hospital. The news is true, my family and I have tested positive.” She had further revealed the details about her family and staff testing positive and had continued, “So, a lot of people stay with us. Not in the house but we have a quarters sort of thing. We are 7 family members who have been affected and rest all are people from a sanstha. They are also affected but nobody has any kind of major symptom. In fact, none of us have any major symptoms and I think that's why it spread so much and we didn't come to know about it. Kisiko pata hi nahi chala and ghar hi ghar mein fail gaya. Although we have isolated ourselves and now getting our treatment done.” (Don't Miss: Sachin Tendulkar Pens A Thank You Note For His Parents On Global Day Of Parents)

Mohena Kumari Singh and Suyesh Rawat

On being asked how she is feeling, Mohena Kumari Singh had said, “We all are safe and I am thankful that we are lucky enough to have the facilities. So, we can't complain about anything. There are people who are suffering because they are infected but have no means of hospitalisation or beds available to be admitted.” Ending on a positive note, Mohena had concluded, “I am positive that we all will be fine soon.” (Recommended Read: Salman Khan Had Talked About Aishwarya And Abhishek Bachchan's Marriage In This Throwback Interview)

Mohena Kumari Singh and Suyesh Rawat

We wish Mohena, her family and her staff a speedy recovery!

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