Manveer Gurjar Opened Up About His Failed Marriage And How His Wife Used To Blackmail Him


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Manveer Gurjar Opened Up About His Failed Marriage And How His Wife Used To Blackmail Him

Ever since the desi munda of the Bigg Boss season 10, Manveer Gurjar bagged the title, he has been reigning the headlines on the Internet like crazy. Initially it was all about his winning the show, but eventually, things took a toll and his personal life became the talk of the town.

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He was tagged as one of the most honest and genuine people in the house. Soon, this image of him was put to a question mark when a video of his marriage celebration got leaked and went viral. (To check out the VIDEO, click here)

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All of his fans were disappointed not because he was a married man, but because he hid the fact from them. On the show, he stated that he ran away from the mandap and marriage didn’t actually happen. And this is what has been bothering all his fans. In fact, his very good friend from the house, Monalisa aka Antara Biswas too seemed surprised. Here’s what she was quoted as saying:

“No, he never mentioned about being married and a father to me. This news is surprising as I was one of his best friends and he never hid stuff from me. But he did say that he ran away from his wedding. This is what he told the makers in his audition tape. He did not reveal the exact reasons but he did run away from the mandap. He did not wish to marry and just escaped from there.”

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All this while, Manveer didn't say anything on this. But lately, on his official Instagram page, he posted a video spilling beans on his marriage and what was the reason behind not disclosing the truth behind his marriage openly.

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He was quoted as saying:

“Mere terms hi itne kharaab rahe hain kynoki emotional blackmail keh lo ya thoda pressurise keh lo kisi bhi surrounding se kaise bhi… 2014 mei meri shaadi huyi.. 5-6 maheene hamaare terms theek rahe phir unki taraf se cheezen kharaab hone lagin to wo mujhe chhod ke keh lo ya.. mujhse alag ho ke jaa chuki theen…”

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And then Manveer goes on to clarify the fact that he didn’t hide his marriage to gain votes and there is nothing like he ditching his fans.

Here’s what he stated:

“Jab maine ye sab cheezen keen aur maine Bigg Boss mei jaane ki tayyari ki to mujhe kahin bhi ye feel hi nahi hua ki mai sachchi mei married hun ya meri wahaan aisi koi strategy mai apne aap ko ye dikhaunga aur kisi ke sath koi relation bana ke ya aisa kuchh karke TRP banaun...”

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Further defending himself, he added:

“Aapne show mei mujhe dekha hai.. maine kabhi kisi ka faayda kabhi kisi se jealousy kabhi kisi ke aage-peechhe nahi fira hun. Aur mera Manveer Gurjar ka apna hisaab hai jo andar dikhaunga waisa ka waisa hi hun. Maine khel khel ki tarah nahi ghar mei rehke khela hai.”

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In fact, sometime back, in an interview with Hindustan Times, Manveer’s father, Maharaj Singh too accepted that his son is a married man.

Here’s what he stated in the interview:

“Yes Manveer is married. It happened three years ago, though Manveer wasn’t ready for it. But after one-and-half-years, Manveer and his wife started having certain problems. You know like the way it happens between husband and wife. I don’t know what, only Manveer can talk about it. But yes my daughter-in-law and their one-and-a-half-year-old daughter live with us. In fact, he spoke about his marital status on Bigg Boss.”

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Moreover, Manveer was suffering from food poisoning at that time, and was hospitalised because of the same. The worried father even talked about his unwell son:

“Manveer is down with food poisoning. It happened due to change in food habits. Inside the (Bigg Boss) house his diet wasn’t that good and he lost about 15kgs. When he came out and started having proper food at home, it affected his system. Also due to his busy schedule, Manveer is not getting time to rest.”

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Finally, Manveer cleared the air by confessing that he is married and a father of a girl. God knows why he hid the truth all throughout his stay in the house. Anyway, Team BollywoodShaadis hopes that Manveer finds his true soulmate very soon. Till then, all our readers can check this space out for the latest updates related to their favourite celebs.

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