Manoj Bajpayee Prides Over Leading A Middle-Class Lifestyle, Says He Can't Be Rich Like The Ambanis

Manoj Bajpayee reflects how he is proud of living a middle-class life even after his success as an actor.


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Manoj Bajpayee Prides Over Leading A Middle-Class Lifestyle, Says He Can't Be Rich Like The Ambanis

Manoj Bajpayee is one of the first names which comes to our mind, when we speak about enigmatic actors in Bollywood. Known for his incredible versatility, the actor has enthralled everyone with his ability to pull of challenging roles with finesse. Some of his films like Satya, Veer Zara, Pinjar, The Family Man, Gangs Of Wasseypur among others continue be a cult favourite among his fans. However, despite all the stardom that he has gathered over the years, Manoj’s humility and grounded personality comes across as a striking reflection to many.

Manoj Bajpayee says he has always set his own limits when it comes to money

In an interaction on the YouTube channel, RealHit, Manoj Bajpayee spilled beans on the kind of understanding he has of money. While many may think that the actor is a spendthrift due to his immense success in films, the reality is completely the opposite. Speaking about it, Manoj remarked how he has always set his own limits in terms of money, and he has prioritised the basic necessities in life above everything else. He added that while he cannot be wealthy enough like the Ambanis, he makes sure to control his greed. In his words:

“You need to have enough money for medical expenses and for your children’s education. You need to be able to life a comfortable, dignified life, where you don’t have to borrow money from anybody. That’s it. Otherwise, there’s no limit. The limit is Ambani. There are lots of rich people in the world, and I cannot become like them through acting. You have to set your own limits, and rein in your greed.”

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Manoj remarks he enjoys peace more than monetary benefits

Speaking along the same lines, Manoj stated that he has always considered money and gains as a by-product of the work he does, and thus, he never focussed his concentration on it. He added how he has always chosen peace over money in his life, and has been happy with his decision. He said:

“So long as you see money as a by-product of your job, you will remain at peace. If you are desperate for money, your journey isn’t going to last very long. If you prioritise your work, money will follow. I believe in this very strongly. You shouldn’t compromise on what is basically a by-product.  But at the end of the day, we prefer our upper middle-class life, because that’s where the peace lies. You have to choose between greed and peace, and we choose peace.”


Manoj once revealed how he feels completely lost while attending big parties

Earlier, during a conversation with Raj Shamani, Manoj Bajpayee revealed how he doesn’t like to attend big parties, be it in the film industry or elsewhere. Spilling the reason behind it, the actor confessed finding himself lost in such huge gatherings, and most of these parties are just arranged for the sake of luxuries and no definite purpose. As a result, he lacks behind striking a substantial conversation with anyone, and is simply left alone within by the enormity of the gathering.

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When Manoj Bajpayee said he asked his father to depart his ailing body during his deathbed

In an interview with Siddharth Kannan, Manoj Bajpayee spoke about the most heartbreaking moment of his life, when his father, RK Bajpayee passed away in October 2021. The actor revealed how at that time, he was busy shooting for one of his web-series, when during a phone call conversation with his father, he asked the latter to leave his ailing body and depart from this life. Manoj narrated:

“This was the exact time when I was supposed to give a shot for Killer Soup and my spot boy was in the van. In front of him, I was talking to my father and I told him, ‘Bauji aap jaeye, bauji hogaeya and it was heartbreaking for me. My spot boy started crying, howling and I was going for my shot. That was the toughest moment for me but I dealt with it and early morning the next day, my father left. He was staying in that body to see me and when he heard me over the phone after a long time, he left his body.”


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