Manisha Koirala Remembers Feeling Lonely During Her Cancer Journey, Remarks, 'Nobody Was There'

Manisha Koirala recalls some of the most painful days of her life, when she felt lonely and swept aside by her close friends when she got diagnosed with cancer.


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Manisha Koirala Remembers Feeling Lonely During Her Cancer Journey, Remarks, 'Nobody Was There'

Manisha Koirala can be safely counted as one among the evergreen actresses-ever in Indian cinema. The diva carved a wholesome career in films like no other, and has ruled several hearts with her unbeatable charisma. The diva suffered a personal setback in 2012, when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She went through tough medical treatments and even lost all her hair in the process. Nonetheless, she not only bounced back to health, but also to her profession. Off lately, Manisha is garnering immense praise for her recent performance in Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar.

Manisha Koirala expresses how her equation with friends and family changed after her cancer

In a recent interaction with NDTV, Manisha Koirala revealed how the toughest phase of her life while dealing with cancer, made her realise who are her true friends. Explaining a bit more, she revealed how before her health scare, she believed to have a lot of friends, who would party with her, travel along and just be by her side. However, once she got to know that she was diagnosed with cancer, their attitude just changed, and they chose to drift apart. Adding how people cannot sit and witness others in pain, and simply want to escape the situation, Manisha said:

“It’s been a journey. It has also been a learning experience. I really believed that I had multiple friends. I thought partying together, travelling together, having fun together, people will sit with me in my pain. That was not so. People are not capable of sitting with anybody’s pain, let alone their own pain. We always try to find excuses to not feel pain. We want to escape pain. That’s human nature.”

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Manisha revealed how nobody was by her side, except her immediate family members

Moving forth in the conversation, Manisha Koirala then revealed how at the end of the day, it was only her immediate family members, who stuck by her side no matter what. She took a jibe at her long extended Koirala family, where most are affluent enough, but didn’t bother to come visit and be by her side during the difficult times. In her words:

“I found myself very lonely, and I realised that only my immediate family was around me.  also have a huge Koirala khandaan. Nobody was there. I have a big family, and everybody is affluent, they can all afford it. But it was my parents, it was my brother, it was my brother’s wife. And that is it. And I realised that when everybody leaves me, these are the people who will be with me. My priority is my immediate family, no matter what. They come first in my life, everybody else later.”


Manisha remarked how she had frequent mood swings during the shooting of Heeramandi

Manisha Koirala defeated the deadly cancer and emerged cancer free, after seeking rigorous treatment in New York. However, it has still left behind some minor impact, which occasionally bother her even today. In the concluding segment of the interview, she talked about them and revealed how during the shooting of Heeramandi, she had frequent bouts of severe mood swings. She narrated:

“Impacted by cancer, I know how body and mind are intertwined. Even now sometimes I work in depression. Honestly speaking, when I was doing Heeramandi, it consumed me so much, my mood swings… And I was just like ‘Sail through this phase. Once this is out, focus on your health.”

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When Manisha talked about her divorce from Samrat Dahal

For the unversed, Manisha Koirala was previously married to Nepali businessman, Samrat Dahal in 2010. However, their marital bliss was short-lived and they divorced two years later. In one of her earlier conversations with Zoom, Manisha opened up about her divorce and remarked how there had been a fair share of ups and downs in her life. However, she emphasised not willing to change her outlook towards life bitter.


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