8 Basic Makeup Tips For Sensitive Skin


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8 Basic Makeup Tips For Sensitive Skin

Just the way pen is for a journalist, makeup is for any woman. Yes, if there’s something after diamonds that women adore, it ought to be makeup. Not because it can transform you into a total diva (yes, partially it is true) but because it makes a woman feel so much more confident about herself.

But, what if you have the best of makeup products and you still cannot use them optimally because of a sensitive skin? Sad, right? We know how it feels. So, we have a list of 8 basic makeup tips one should keep in mind if they love makeup but have a sensitive skin.  

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#1. Patch testing 

Whenever you’re guying to buy any product; go for stores, preferably malls, where they have sample products for testing. Use the tester on your face, wrist and neck. Come back a day later to buy that product in case there is no sign of irritation. 

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#2. Note ingredients

Whenever you have any irritation or sensitivity experiences, pick up the makeup products you used and note down the ingredients. Collect all those products and check the common ingredients, these ingredients will help you decide what might not be suitable for you. Avoid buying products that have those ingredients.

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#3. Discard old products 

Many ladies are not aware that different makeup products have different shelf life. Hence if you use old makeup products beyond their shelf life, it can take a toll on your skin. Make sure you toss away your old products and replace them with new ones.  Also, this way you get to experience new products time to time. Always check the expiry date of products when you buy and if not mentioned, check with the beauty advisor of the store on the same.

And if you are all set to buy a new makeuo kit, checkout these 15 beauty products under Rs 500 for a budget-friendly makeup kit.

#4. Avoid waterproof makeup products

Waterproof makeup is great but removing it is the biggest task and involves a very strong makeup remover. Using a harsh makeup remover means losing out on natural oil and hydration from your skin which can further result into red patches or other irritations. 

And if possible, try and stick to natural makeup removers, for instance, you can try these 7 natural makeup removers from your kitchen.

#5. Pick the right colours

This is an interesting rule to follow. Any eye shadow which is dark will have more pigments and is more likely to irritate eyes hence go for light colour tones to be on safer side. For eye pencil and Mascara go for black colour, it is more appropriate for sensitive skin.

This is what you can do. Try out these eye shadow hacks that will make your eyes look prettier than ever.

#6. Keep your makeup products and tools in hygienic condition 


If you got a sensitive skin – you got to ensure that your all skin and makeup products are kept clean and in dry environment. Hygiene plays a very important role in how your skin responds to any product applied. Even most appropriate can respond with irritation if not is not clean. 

#7. Opt for silicone based foundation

Don’t go for oil-based foundation, instead opt for water based or silicone base foundations. They don’t clog the pores and also are gentle on the skin.

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#8. Talk to experts

In case of any irritation and you’re clueless – do consult a good skin doctor or experienced makeup artist to help you. Best is to talk to them and use products that suits your skin. Meanwhile, avoid using any new products on your skin.

So, the next time you think of makeup, you don't have to worry about your sensitive skin. 

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