Simple Things about Your Wedding that Make You Fat

Simple Things about Your Wedding that Make You Fat


Wedding planning can be a stressful time for any bride or groom. No wonder, it brings a lot of changes in your lifestyle, making you ignore the most important aspect of your life– your health! And as a result, you tend to put on weight. Here are some of the simple things about your wedding that make you fat.


A period of matrimony is normally stressful because of array of activities. From planning, shopping, inviting guests, managing vendors to the never ending rituals on the wedding day, everything seems to increase your stress level. What majorly gets hampered in all this, is your workout routine. So, weight gain is bound to happen. 


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Romantic teleconversations

Long overnight chats with your would-be can disturb your sleep cycle, which results in weight gain. Studies prove that lack of sleep reduces the metabolism rate leading to constipation and water retention. And, these two factors are the major contributors to weight gain.

Your family

Both bride and groom are almost forcefully fed during their pre and post wedding functions. Delicacies, ranging from laddoos, gulabjamuns to deep-fried snacks, all become their staple diet during the celebrations. Most of the times saying 'no' is also not an option. And, when you eat such greasy and heavy food, you are sure to increase your waistline in no time.

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Juggling between work and home

Mostly, newlyweds go through a lot of stress while balancing their personal and professional life. This often takes a toll on their overall health. High stress levels and lack of sleep are just a few results of it. All these problems collectively lead to weight gain. To ease out this stress, a couple can join a dance class or go to a gym together. This way they both will not only get quality time together, but also keep their weight under check.

Munching together

If you are soon-to-be married or newly married, you are in that phase when you love to go out with your beloved. And, many of those romantic dates are spent in restaurants, coffee shops, or on a cosy couch at home. This results in non-stop munching of junk food and other unhealthy stuff. So, if you do not pay attention to your eating habits, you will soon be surprised to see how many kilos you have put on in no time.

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You keep on piling unhealthy pounds without even being aware of these simple routine events that add on to the fatty woes of life. Recognise these patterns and take an appropriate action now!


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