Mahira Khan Talks About Her Mental Health Issues, Reveals How SRK Starrer Film, 'Raees' Impacted Her

Mahira Khan is one fearless lady who has always been very vocal about several societal issues. Recently, she talked about her mental health issues and expressed sorrow over women's rights.


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Mahira Khan Talks About Her Mental Health Issues, Reveals How SRK Starrer Film, 'Raees' Impacted Her

Mahira Khan is a name that has not only garnered love in her own country, Pakistan but also in India. People love the 38-year-old actress for her elegant looks and bold personality. She has been one of the prominent names in the Pakistani entertainment industry for over a decade now.

The highly talented actress even engraved her name in the hearts of millions of Indians with her role as ‘Aasiya’ opposite Shah Rukh Khan’s character ‘Raees Alam’ in the 2017 crime thriller, Raees. Mahira received much love from her fans in both countries. Recently, she opened up about her mental challenges after her debut Bollywood film was released.

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Mahira Khan revealed that she started having mental health issues post-release of her Bollywood film, Raees

It is very challenging to be on the silver screen these days. In today’s technologically advanced world, people do not even hesitate to share their opinions. Celebrities often have to face harsh comments and trolling even for their most minor mistakes. Although some of the actors and actresses try to handle the situation with grace, but it is not possible every time to remain calm towards a situation. 

Sharing an incident about criticism on the FWhy podcast, Mahira Khan spoke out about her mental health struggles and the criticisms she had to face after her Bollywood success in the film, Raees. The 38-year-old revealed that she was diagnosed with ‘manic depression’. Mahira mentioned that she has been taking anti-depressants for six to seven years now. She also revealed that last year, in particular, was another difficult period of her life. She said it was her ‘lowest point’.

Mahira Khan is soaring high in success with her new mini-series, Razia

On the professional front, Mahira is nowadays busy promoting her mini-series, Razia. The series saw the light of the day on September 14, 2023, and new episodes are released every Thursday. Mahira Khan's exceptional performance truly elevates the series. Her character is a modern, culture-loving, and sneaker-wearing storyteller, and she captivates the audience with her dialogue delivery and expressions. Despite the grim and tragic nature of the story, her presence serves as an uplifting force. Her robust dialogue about the plight of women, who were once buried at birth but are now kept alive only to be buried alive each day, leaves a profound impact.  

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Mahira Khan expressed her sorrow over women losing their rights since their birth

During Maliha Rehman's show, One-on-one, Mahira converses with her co-star in Razia, Momal Sheikh and the show's screenwriter, Mohsin Ali. They discuss the roots of women's oppression, and Ali shares a dialogue from the series, narrated through Khan's voiceover. He emphasises how our preference for male children unintentionally limits the rights of our daughters and women. The dialogue is:

“In the wish for a son, when we rob our daughters of their rights, it becomes the reality of her existence, a burden she’ll always carry.”

Mahira Khan expresses sorrow over the situation where women lose their rights at a young age and become unaware of their actual value, perpetuating a vicious cycle. She said:

“This is the first right you take away, and then you just keep taking and taking. Eventually, there comes a point when she herself forgets her rights, and questions if they’re even hers when told otherwise… Just on the basis of being human – forget woman, man, everything, the fact that you are human means you must have rights.”

You can check the interview here.

What do you guys think of Mahira Khan’s views on women's rights? Let us know.

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