Madhuri Dixit's Denver House's Kitchen And Family Room Were Luxurious As Her Kids Cycle Raced There

Madhuri Dixit's husband, Sriram Nene shared an old video of their kids from their Denver house, their family room and kitchen looked lavish!


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Madhuri Dixit's Denver House's Kitchen And Family Room Were Luxurious As Her Kids Cycle Raced There

Madhuri Dixit had gotten married to a cardiovascular surgeon Dr Sriram Nene on October 17, 1999, when she was at the peak of her career. She had decided to put her career at stake and had left Mumbai to start her happy married life with her husband. She had relocated to Denver, Colorado for over a decade and had moved back to Mumbai in October 2011 with her family, including her two kids, Arin Nene and Ryan Nene. While Arin was born on March 17, 2003, Ryan was born on March 8, 2005.

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Madhuri often shares glimpses of her family and we love to see her bond with her children. On March 7, 2021, Madhuri had taken to her IG handle and had shared two pictures with her sons, Arin and Ryan. The first picture was a throwback when Arin and Ryan were small and the next picture was a recent one. Madhuri had captioned the pictures as “They will always be my babies.”

Madhuri Dixit with kids

Madhuri Dixit Kids

Arin and Ryan’s childhood was mostly in Denver, where Madhuri and Sriram had a huge house to grow up in. Madhuri’s husband, Sriram Nene took to his IG handle on June 3, 2021, and shared a priceless memory from the time, when their kids were toddlers. In the hazy video, we can see Arin and Ryan on their cycles as their grandmother announced a race between them inside the house. The brothers can be seen riding their bicycles, starting from the family room giving a tour of the kitchen and ending back in the room. Madhuri’s Denver house’s family room had a wall of glass with wooden flooring and recliner sofas. The room can be seen filled with Arin and Ryan’s toys. Opposite the family room, they had a kitchen, which was as big as the room and had wooden fixtures and fittings.

In a conversation with The Times Of India, during the promotions of Gulaab Gang, Madhuri had talked about the difference between her life in Mumbai and Denver. She had said, “It is a little chaotic in Mumbai, but I won’t say that I don’t enjoy it. I enjoy my work, I enjoy what I do and I enjoy being in the space where I can do all these wonderful things. Yes, I do miss the space in Denver, where I could take them to the park and play and all of that, but with all our limitations, we have our clubs in Mumbai or we put them into sports to make up for that. But I wish Mumbai had a little more open space.”

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madhuri dixit nene

When she was asked if while living in Denver, the idea of working in Hollywood ever crossed her mind, she had replied that she had gone away from work to have kids and spend time with them. She had said, “I went away from films because I wanted to have kids. So, it didn’t matter if it was Bollywood or Hollywood. I just wanted to devote my time to my kids and enjoy that part of life because that was the big dream I had for myself. Yes being an actress, being the best, trying to do the best, that was all part of your career, but when you dream of the bigger picture, family was the big picture and I was living the dream.”

Madhuri Dixit Nene

While Madhuri is living in Mumbai now, she misses the time she had spent back there in Denver. She has often spoken about how she was happy being unknown there and enjoying the life of a layman. In a conversation with, Madhuri had opened up on her life in Denver and had said, “When I was with my family in Denver I was happy being unknown. I enjoyed being on my own and taking my car out for grocery shopping. I loved doing that! Taking my kids to school, dropping them off, picking them up...”

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Madhuri Dixit Sriram Nene Arin Ryan

Well, Madhuri Dixit’s Denver house was quite a luxury!

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