Karan Johar Shared How SRK Wept After Hearing That His Father, Yash Johar Got Diagnosed With Cancer

Throwback to the time when Karan Johar recalled his best mate, Shah Rukh Khan's emotional reaction after he learnt about the former's father, Yash Johar being diagnosed with cancer.


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Karan Johar Shared How SRK Wept After Hearing That His Father, Yash Johar Got Diagnosed With Cancer

Karan Johar and Shah Rukh Khan have shared a friendship over decades. Time and again, they have proven the depth of their friendship to the world, and even today, their bonding has been intact. Moreover, they have not just associated with one another through films, but over the years, their friendship has surpassed to something closer and they have become family to one another. However, there was a time when Karan recalled how his best friend, Shah Rukh Khan reacted to one of the most traumatic moments of the former’s life.

Karan Johar recalled the moment when his father, Yash Johar was diagnosed with cancer

Back in 2003, when Karan Johar shot the iconic film, Kal Ho Na Ho, he faced a life-changing moment. Well, right at that time, he learnt that his father and eminent producer, Yash Johar was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer. As he was busy with the post-production schedule of his film in New York, back at home on August 2003, he was shocked when his father told him about his cancer diagnosis. He recalled his exact feelings from the moment in his autobiography, The Unsuitable Boy and wrote:

“I looked at him and – I have no idea why these words came out of my mouth, I have no explanation – but I looked at him and said, do you have cancer? As he said yes, I just sank, literally sank into a chair in the room.”

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Karan Johar recalled his best friend, Shah Rukh Khan’s reaction to the devastating news

While the situation was extremely tough for him to bear as a son, Karan Johar had decided to share about it to his best mate, Shah Rukh Khan, who had just shot for Kal Ho Na Ho. The filmmaker, in his autobiography revealed how the actor broke down completely and wept bitterly, as if it was his own loss. Sharing the same, Karan wrote:

“I told Shah Rukh. He broke down. Then I realised the reality of what was happening, because he wept like a baby. He held his stomach, and he just wept and wept, as if from his core. He cried and said I’ve lost one father, I can’t lose another.”

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When Karan revealed that Shah Rukh was the first one to know about his feminine side

In an earlier interaction with Nikhil Taneja on his podcast, Be A Man, Yaar! Karan Johar talked about his bonding with Shah Rukh Khan. He mentioned how the actor has a special place in his life and heart, since the latter was the first one to embrace him despite differences. Karan then revealed how he was able to come out and speak fearlessly about the feminine side of his personality with the actor. In his words:

“I felt that the feminine side that I had that was coming out so strongly was only met with laughter or being made fun of. Then when I grew older, people got a little quieter about it, but I could tell that there was a chitter-chatter around maybe the way I walked, or spoke or things. I remember Shah Rukh Khan was the first man that did not make me feel any less. I feel like he accepted what in those days was considered being a pansy, or being effeminate or walking funny and he was just so cool about it, about everything.”

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When Karan recalled SRK proudly vouching for him despite security hazards

In a previous interview with the Mid-Day, Karan Johar recalled an anecdote concerning Shah Rukh Khan. The filmmaker revealed how, during the release of his film, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, he was threatened by an underworld don to stall the release of the film. Karan then mentioned how Shah Rukh Khan simply stood brave and even vouched to take a bullet for the sake of their friendship, but didn’t let the film release get stalled.

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What do you think about Karan Johar and Shah Rukh Khan’s friendship?

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