Kamal Sadanah Dismisses Divya Bharti's Suicide Rumours, Reveals The Real Reason Behind Her Death

In a recent candid conversation, Kamal Sadanah discussed his friendship with the late actress, Divya Bharti. He also revealed the real reason behind the shocking news of her untimely death.


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Kamal Sadanah Dismisses Divya Bharti's Suicide Rumours, Reveals The Real Reason Behind Her Death

Divya Bharti was one of the most versatile actresses of her generation. She began her acting career as a teenager, and within three years into the industry, she had worked in almost twenty-one films. However, her untimely death at the age of 19, after falling from the balcony of the fifth floor of her Mumbai apartment, was simply heart-wrenching for her millions of fans. Post her demise, her father issued a statement and confirmed that it was an accident. Now, her Rang co-star, Kamal Sadanah opened about the cause of her untimely demise of the actress.

Kamal Sadanah reveals how dealing with Divya Bharti's untimely death reports was very tough for him

In an interview with Siddharth Kannan, Kamal Sadanah talked about the difficult time he learned about his co-star and good friend, Divya Bharti's death reports. It was indeed one of the most shocking incidents in the history of Indian cinema, and Divya's millions of fans are still curious to know about the real reason behind her death. Talking about the same, Kamal praised the actress and mentioned how working with her used to be great fun. Kamal said:

“It (Divya’s death news) was very tough. It was really sad. She was one of the most talented actresses and great fun to work with.”

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Kamal talks about his friendship with Divya

In the same conversation, Kamal shared a sweet anecdote from his friendship with Divya. He mentioned that Divya was able to imitate Sridevi, and he used to advise his Rang co-star not to do the same in public. Further, the veteran actor mentioned that she was extremely funny; thus, when he got the news of her death, he was completely shocked. He further mentioned that just three days before the unfortunate incident, he was working with her, and everything was fine.

Kamal mentions that intoxication was the reason behind Divya's untimely death

Kamal then revealed that Divya had a lot of films in her pipeline when she left the mortal planes. However, she could have been a superstar. Further, Kamal dismissed rumours about her suicide and mentioned that the reason behind Divya's untimely death might have been mere intoxication, and she simply slipped from the balcony. He added:

“My belief was she had a couple of drinks at that time and she was just farting around. I think she was in that energy and she slipped. I truly believe it was just an accident. I mean I was just shooting with her you know till a few days before and she was fine. There were no problems with her. She had great films which she had completed. She had her whole lineup of films she was being signed for.”

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When Divya Bharti's father confirmed her death was a mere accident

After the reports had started surfacing on social media right after the untimely death of Divya Bharti, the actress' father reportedly released a statement in the media. While people were doubting if Divya's demise was a suicide or murder, the late actor’s father reportedly confirmed her death was a mere accident. He mentioned how all the apartments had grill protection in their balconies except the actress', and thus, she directly fell on the ground. In Divya's father's words:

“There was no question of suicide or murder. Yes, she did drink a bit but how much can you drink in half an hour? And she was not depressed. She was the kind to give you depression! It was an accident. She sat on the ledge, lost her balance and fell. Sadly, all flats had grills except hers. Cars would always be parked below but that night there was not a single one. She fell directly on the ground.”

What do you think about Kamal's revelations regarding Divya's untimely death? Let us know!

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