Kalki Koechlin Opens Up On Developing A Friendly Bond With Ex-Husband, Anurag Kashyap

It is said that you cannot be friends with someone you had loved once, but Bollywood actress, Kalki Koechlin has broken the notion by sharing a friendly relationship with ex-husband, Anurag Kashyap!


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Kalki Koechlin Opens Up On Developing A Friendly Bond With Ex-Husband, Anurag Kashyap

We have grown up with the thoughts that it is either 'happily ever after' or 'miserable forever' kind of life when we part ways from our lawfully wedded partner. But thanks to the millennials, people have moved on from this phase and have accepted that it is completely 'okay' for a couple to part ways when things become hard to handle. And then you stumble upon people, who are still friends with their exes after the big bump called 'divorce'. A perfect example of this is the Tinseltown's ex-couple, Anurag Kashyap and Kalki Koechlin. (Recommend Read: Aamir's Daughter, Ira Khan Reveals She Never Wanted To Be Open About Her Relationship With Mishaal)

Kalki Koechlin is one of the finest actors in Bollywood, who chose to follow her dreams and create a genre of her own. Her whole life has been an inspiration and a perfect plot for a Bollywood movie. At the age of twenty-five, Kalki Koechlin had gotten married to the filmmaker, Anurag Kashyap but soon they parted ways because of temperamental issues. They were not able to spend time together and parted ways on a friendly note.

Klaki Koechlin and Anurag Kashyap

Recently, Kalki was invited on Kareena Kapoor Khan's show, What Women Want, wherein she opened up on her friendly equation with ex-husband, Anurag. The actress shared that it just sort of happened organically. However, it took time. But ultimately, they shared a mutual respect for each other. She also said that you can still love a person and not be able to live with them and she thinks that they both realised it soon.

Kalki Koechlin

Kalki also added that she thinks that the timing wasn't right for them. Like she was very young and he was much older, and the timing just wasn’t correct as they wanted different things at that point. It made a big difference. (Also Read: Soundarya Rajinikanth Shares Pictures Of Pongal Celebrations With Father, Rajinikanth And In-Laws)

For those who don't know, Kalki is in the last trimester of her pregnancy and she is soon going to embrace motherhood with her boyfriend, Guy Hershberg. In an interview with the Mumbai Mirror, Kalki had opened up on Anurag's reaction on her pregnancy and had shared, "He just welcomed me to the parents’ club and told me to call if I need anything. Seeing Aaliyah (Anurag’s daughter) growing up and my own brother Oriel too, I’ve already got a glimpse into this role of a lifetime." 

In an interview with Humans of Bombay, Kalki had talked about her struggles post-divorce and had said, “The struggles never really end. When my ex-husband & I separated, I had to deal with the rumors. Everytime I stepped out with a man, the media thought we were dating. Journalists would ask how my life was post-divorce, how was I handling my career & balancing it? Even concerned neighbours would ask my parents such questions. But I chose to ignore it."

Kalki Koechlin

In an interview with Miss Malini, Kalki had revealed about the first thing she did when she got to know about her pregnancy. She had said, “I went and immediately bought another pregnancy test, just to make sure. But it was a very happy reaction. I think the last few years have been a situation where, I know I have wanted children, but either the times wasn’t right or I wasn’t with the right person. Or whatever, there was something! So all those things seemed to have come in place this time. Even though it wasn’t planned as we were thinking maybe in a year or two. But I think that’s the best thing about it. Now we are just diving right into it without too much pre-planning." (Don't Miss: Tiger Shroff Posing With Mom, Ayesha Shroff Has All Hearts From Rumoured GF, Disha Patani)

Well, we love Kalki and Anurag's bonding! What about you?

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