Juhi Parmar, After Being Trolled For Allowing Her 6-Year-Old Daughter To Wear Makeup, Gives A Reason


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Juhi Parmar, After Being Trolled For Allowing Her 6-Year-Old Daughter To Wear Makeup, Gives A Reason

There is no bond stronger than that of a mother and daughter. A woman’s relationship with her mother is one of the most perfect ones, from being the best of friends to being each other’s biggest critics, they can be all! And, television actress Juhi Parmar shares an exactly same bond with her 6-year-old daughter, Samairra. (Recommend Read: Taimur Ali Khan Turns Into An 'Airplane' For Abba, Saif Ali Khan, Enjoys Their Father-Son Playdate)

For those who don’t know, Juhi, who has just completed 20 glorious years in the industry is a single mom. The actress parted ways with her husband, Sachin Shroff after 8 years of making things work out. Recently, she celebrated her daughter's 6th birthday with a princess-themed party, and shared a beautiful video and captioned it as, “A mother was born the day you were born! And believe me when I say it's my most favorite role....there's no prouder feeling than being your mother! The unconditional love, the curiosity, the innocence and all that you bring into my life are the most precious part of my life! Happy 6th Birthday to my little princess! Ginni, Mamma will always love you!” Check out the video below:

While the Frozen themed-party was an affair to remember, many trolled Juhi for putting makeup on her 6-year-old baby girl. Take a look at some of the comments asking her to stop encouraging her daughter to do makeup at such a small age.

Juhi Parmar trolled

And Juhi being Juhi, came up with a perfect answer or what we can call, a mother’s dilemma. The actress posted a picture with Samairra, and wrote a long note with it that states, “A mother's dilemma! As a mother so far I have shared many challenges I have faced and how I have tackled them. However, this time I'm sharing the challenge with you as I go through it. They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but most would tell you it's actually make up! As an actress, whether its while I am shooting or when I have to go out for a meeting, there's really no way of avoiding make up. And little girls love make up, just the way Samairra does because their barbies and Elsa and the dolls they play with are perfectly adorned with beautiful dresses, jewelry and cosmetics.” Check out the picture below:  (Also Read: Avinash Sachdev Is Apparently Dating Palak Of 'Dil Hi Toh Hai' Fame After Divorcing Shalmalee (Pics))

Juhi further wrote, “In Samairra's pictures I have seen some of your question about why such a small child is wearing makeup. And of course as a mother I have never encouraged my child to use cosmetics but she sees her mother use makeup on a regular basis and feels that whenever Mamma wears make up she looks very pretty. Hence, when I deter her, a statement quickly comes my way, "So you don't want me to look pretty!!!" A mother's dilemma! I have explained multiple times to Samairra that she's already a very pretty girl and makeup has nothing to do with it. Yet that hasn't worked! After multiple debates, I told her that makeup would only be allowed on special occasions which are around 2-3 times a year - her birthday, annual day, etc. However, every time I get ready another debate begins. There have been times when I have decided to apply lipstick in my car so that I could avoid the situation but yes that isn't a solution!”

Juhi with daughter

The Kumkum fame actress, Juhi, concluded the note with an open question that stated, “And so going back to the question which many of you have been asking me, why make up on such a small child. Well, you have your answer but I'm still seeking mine.....Any of our mothers out there who have faced a similar situation and mind sharing how they tackled it? I'm hoping to find my answer and solution soon.” 

In an interview with The Times of India, Juhi opened up about being a single parent and said, “Of course it’s not easy! Single Parenting has its own challenges but this has been my reality for the last two years. I get double the love, double the attention, and double the responsibilities - it’s a mixed bag at the end of the day. But you would be surprised, God has made us women very strong and I'm blessed to have a great support system in my parents and friends to be able to take on the challenge of single parenting.” (Don't Miss: Isha Ambani Reveals She And Twin Bro, Akash Are IVF Babies Born 7 Years After Nita-Mukesh's Marriage)

Well, we understand what Juhi is going through! 

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