Meet Jay Shetty, Life Coach Who Is Accused Of Lying About Finding His Purpose After Becoming A Monk

Meet British author, Jay Shetty, who is one of the most followed motivational speakers in the world but is now being accused of selling his fake life story all this time. Here's what we know so far!


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Meet Jay Shetty, Life Coach Who Is Accused Of Lying About Finding His Purpose After Becoming A Monk

Jay Shetty was born on September 6, 1987, in London into a Hindu family of Indian origin. He had deep religious and cultural roots in India, courtesy of the fact that his mother is a Gujarati, while his father is a Tulu Bunt. Right from an early age, Jay was an introvert and a shy guy but always dreamt of making a positive mark on the world. Well, the little boy is currently living his dream as he has been transforming millions of lives across the world for some years now.

Meet Jay Shetty, who is a global bestselling author, award-winning podcast host and has a fanbase of 50 million followers

With his podcast, On Purpose, blogs on, best-selling books, and motivational content on different social media platforms, Jay Shetty has a massive fanbase across the world. Not only this, the 36-year-old life coach has more than 50 million followers and 10 billion views on his multiple social media platforms, which makes him one of the most recognised motivational speakers in the world. Not only this, Jay Shetty has also penned two best-selling books, Think Like A Monk and 8 Rules of Love: How to Find It, Keep It and Let It Go.

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Talking about Jay Shetty's educational background, he completed his schooling at Queen Elizabeth's School, Barnet. The famous author went to the prestigious Cass Business School at the City, University of London.

After graduating from Cass Business School with a 1st Class Honors Degree in 2010, Jay Shetty decided to live like a monk in India and the UK for three years. Yes! You read it right. It was a shocking decision for Jay's family, friends, and loved ones, but they encouraged him to follow his heart.

Jay Shetty lived like a monk for 3-years in India despite graduating from a business school with a 1st Class Honors Degree

During his journey as a monk in India, Jay Shetty used to wake up at 4 a.m. and after taking cold showers, he used to meditate for 8 hours straight. Apart from putting a special emphasis on having a healthy lifestyle and knowing about the power of meditation, Jay Shetty also learnt many things about ancient breath and mindfulness practices. During his time in India as a monk, he discovered the purpose of his life, which was to introduce the learnings of a monk into workplaces.

After three years living like a monk in India, Jay Shetty returned to London and started working at Accenture in 2013, which is one of the biggest IT companies in the world. Talking about his job profile at Accenture, Jay used to work on the company's digital strategies while collaborating with its executives as their social media coach.

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Courtesy of his commendable work at Accenture, Jay Shetty was contacted by the famous Greek-American author, Arianna Huffington, who offered him a role at Huffington Post Rise (now known as HuffPost Rise).

Jay Shetty accepted the job offer as it was about producing high-quality videos on human-centric topics like relationships, friendships, and much more. After working at The Huffington Post for almost a year, Jay decided to work on creating his own brand, and it was in 2019, that he launched his own podcast by the name, On Purpose, and the rest is history.

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The Guardian accused Jay Shetty of lying about his past life as a monk, creating a fake story and plagiarised social media posts

It was in March 2024, when The Guardian broke the headlines after it accused Jay Shetty of lying about his life as a monk in a report. From questioning the base of Jay Shetty's claims that he spent 3 years in India and lived with monks to pointing fingers at the authenticity of the narrative that shaped his life, The Guardian's report has shocked the entire world.

As per the report, Jay Shetty's former associates have declined his claims of living in Indian ashrams. Instead, they stated that he was in London back at that time. Not only this, as per the report, Indian monk, Gauranga Das differs from Jay Shetty's claims of spending years in the former's service in Mumbai.

Further, in the same report, The Guardian also talked about Jay Shetty's income sources and stated that he has a series of subscription models for schools, institutions, corporations, and individuals.

According to the report, Jay Shetty charges a hefty sum of 7,400 USD (Rs. 6,13,510) a term for the postgraduate diploma. Bringing this big figure centre stage, The Guardian questioned the credibility of Jay Shetty's educational qualifications, who is just a motivational speaker.

Apart from this, The Guardian also recalled the time when back in 2019, Jay Shetty was called out by YouTuber, Nicole Arbour for plagiarising social media content, after which the former's team deleted almost 100 posts from multiple platforms.

As soon as The Guardian's report made its way on the internet, Jay Shetty started receiving a lot of backlash from netizens. It will be interesting to see how Jay Shetty will deal with these severe accusations in his life story, which is the foundation of his success both on the personal and professional front. 

Meet Jay Shetty's wife, Radhi Devlukia Shetty, who is a famous recipe developer

It was back in 2016 when Jay Shetty broke a million hearts of his female fans worldwide when he married Radhi Devlukia in April 2016. For the unversed, Jay Shetty's gorgeous wife, Radhi Devlukia, is a famous recipe maker and influencer who creates content around health and fitness. Due to her expertise in plant-based cooking and deep knowledge of nutrition and Ayurveda, she has created a massive fanbase on different social media platforms.

Currently, on Instagram, Radhi Devlukia Shetty has more than 2 million followers, while she has 536K subscribers on her YouTube channel. The couple has no children as of now, but time and again, Jay and Radhi have talked about it and admitted that there's no perfect age for embracing parenthood. The lovely couple never misses a chance to make people fall in love with their cutesy camaraderie, and we hope they continue to guide people with their thought-provoking ideas in their respective fields.

What are your thoughts on The Guardian accusing Jay Shetty of lying about his past? Let us know.

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