Jasleen Matharu Enjoys Massage From Sourabh, Anup Ji's Reaction Is Unbelievable [VIDEO]


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Jasleen Matharu Enjoys Massage From Sourabh, Anup Ji's Reaction Is Unbelievable [VIDEO]

Ever since Bigg Boss 12 got aired and the contestants were introduced, Jasleen Matharu and Anup Jalota have been reigning the controversy chart. Right from their jodi being vichitra due to the huge age-gap to their respectful behaviour in the house to their little nok-jhonks, Jasleen and Anup ji have hooked everyone to them as a couple. Although the jodis of this season are demolished, this couldn’t stop Anup ji’s jealousy if someone comes close to Jasleen.

Well, you all might be knowing that Anup ji was sent to the secret room when he was shown the door out along with Sreesanth. On October 15, 2018 episode, as Anup Jalota and Sreesanth planned, exposed Dipika’s game in front of all other contenders. And yesterday, on October 16, 2018, Anup ji lashed out at Jasleen and Sourabh for their closeness and being touchy to each other. (You May Also Like: Hema Malini Cuts Her Birthday Cake With Grandchildren Radhya Takhtani And Darien Vohra, Video Inside)

Jasleen Matharu Denies Sharing Bed With Anup Jalota

Talking about a particular scene where Jasleen was enjoying back massage from Sourabh Patel, Anup ji gets angry with the both of them. He could be seen saying, “Sourabh ladki ko massage kar ra hai. Are maine tume massage nai di. Kya gori patai hai tumne, kamaal kar diya.” Here’s the trailer where he is taking Jasleen and Sourabh’s class, check out:



This is not the first time when Anup ji is upset with Jasleen inside the house. In fact, sometime back, during a task, Jasleen didn't give up on her make-up and clothes and this made Anup Jalota ji furious. At that time, in bad mood, Anup ji even said that he was no more a pair with Jasleen and would like to play individually. 

Before entering the house, Jasleen was asked about the age-gap, if that has ever become any hurdle in their relationship. To which she replied, “Age gap has never bothered us and now once we go inside the house, we will get to know the real reaction of the people about our relationship. Until now, nobody knew anything.” (Also Check: Taimur Ali Khan Has Already Started Accompanying Buddy Like Dad Saif Ali Khan To Gym, Pic Inside!)

Jasleen Matharu Denies Sharing Bed With Anup Jalota

When a media portal contacted Jasleen’s father when she was inside the house, he remarked, “This news was a shocker for me as well as for my family. However, I don’t want to comment anything on her personal life until I meet her. She is on the Bigg Boss 12 house and wants her to stay positive and emerge as the winner of the show”.

Anup and Jasleen

In an exclusive interview with The Times of India, Jasleen Matharu’s father Kesar Matharu had poured his heart out and shared the humiliation they are facing. Kesar had shared, "I am hurt, and I would never accept their relationship. We were not informed that she is dating Anup Jalota. We were told that they were going inside as guru-shishya Jodi. I was shocked and was surprised when she spoke about being in a relationship with him for the past 3 years. I am getting calls from my relatives who are asking me if the news is true. They are telling me how I allowed her to have an affair with him. Woh bolte hain humari beti hoti toh hum kaat ke phek dete (had jasleen been their daughter they would have killed her). But I don't think I have the right to do that. I will never do that to my daughter. I know she has done a mistake and I pray to God that she changes her decision after coming out of the house.” (Suggested Read: Deepika Padukone And Ranveer Singh To Get Married In Less Than A Month? Date Inside)

Jasleen Matharu Denies Sharing Bed With Anup Jalota

Adding further, Kesar ji quipped, "I want to speak to her once she comes out of the house to know exactly if all this is true and if the news of their relationship is really true and she wants to continue with him, I won't tell her anything. I will just stop talking to her and would maintain a distance from her. As we belong to a very reputed family and it is not possible for me to accept their relationship.” (Also Read: Alia Bhatt And Ranbir Kapoor Spotted Shopping Together In The New York City, Look Happy Together)

Let’s wait and watch as to how things go forward in the show for Jasleen and Anup ji as the pairs have now split and everyone is playing their individual game!

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